Best way to reach out to buyers using other domain extensions

To all of you long-time domainers out there: would you be willing to share what you say to a company that is using another domain extension of your name? Here’s some things I am wondering:
Where or what is the best way to reach them? (Their website, Linked-in, social media, all of the above?)
What do you say, exactly, the first time you contact them?

I have done a some research into how to do this but it seems it is more for companies that might be interested in the domain, but not using the name at the moment. I am more interested in reaching out to those using my names already.

PS: I know about NP already but I am not on there anymore.

Any resources are most welcome.


What for? We have known each other for a long time. We have no secrets. I do not understand why You need to contact those who use your names with a different extension. In a philosophical context, all names are created by a higher power and do not belong to us, despite the fact that we managed to register them first. I won the last contest with my domain name, but the CH chosed to use MyDomain. dot. net . I know for sure that he will come back to buy my current com name. This is a priority expansion and we should be glad that we own the names in this zone. So I’m really wondering why You need to contact the owners of other domains. What are you going to tell them? Blame them? Make a complaint and ask them to withdraw up their names? They have the same right to domain names as poor people have the right to buy generic drugs. It’s just thinking out loud.

Because this is what domainers do - this is not accusatory to them in any way. It is to offer them the opportunity to buy the most premium version of their name. What I am going to tell them is the name is for sale and they can buy it.

I guess I need to make this more clear: this type of marketing is common in the domaining industry. This is why the most successful sellers on SH sell so many names.


Now it became clear to me. Thanks for clarifying. I didn’t even think about it. It’s pretty simple for me: other third-party domainers don’t hesitate to offer their low prices through the SH team that contacts me.

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Here is the message I sent for years…

Email header:
The domain is now available for sale.

If you would like this name, visit to purchase the domain or feel free to respond to this message if you require information or assistance.

My name
Domain Broker

For the last year or so I’ve been using this message:

Email header:
The domain is now available for sale.

The domain may be purchased directly at

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you are not interested, please ignore this message.

My name
Domain Broker

I don’t think there has been any difference in sales with my new message but it was worth testing as I think I’m less likely to be reported for spam. I only email them once. I find the top 2 or 3 people (CEO, marketing manager and SEO department) in the company by using LinkedIn then use to find their email addresses and email them all at the same time.

I should add that I rarely get replies and if they do reply, I rarely respond to them. Responding to them usually results in them wanting a discount. If they go as far as responding, they are telling you they want the name and they are likely to press the BIN button in the next six months or so.

Line them up, send them then forget about them.

Good luck!


AWESOME! THANK YOU! I have some work to do!

(Well, not really, I see some who had been using names but there’s been no activity on their business for a while. I reached out to one about a year ago).


I have a fit two or three times a year and will spend a week emailing hundreds of people and yes, I do get some extra sales but my time probably could be have been put to better use elsewhere. It’s a lot of effort and you’ll get responses offering you $xx for a $xxxx name, or they will call you unsavory names for owning ‘their’ domain etc.

I’m not sure it’s worth doing to be honest Clinks. I think most people know the .com is the premium extension and I’m sure they are aware it’s for sale at the price listed and will buy it if they want it, or when they can afford it.


Thank you so much for the honesty on this. I am already working pretty darn hard at selling my names but I had not been doing this and I felt I needed to do more because sales are down. One of mine got their .co name in the last year - so they knew they could have gotten the .com …


…and if you search for your keyword (domain name) do you rank above or below them?

That’s the kicker, many people think they can manage with the .net or .co or whatever, but it is embarrassing for their company when someone searches google and sees ‘their company name is for sale’ in the search engines. That’s where patience pays off. Contacting them usually results in your selling the name to them for less, whereas waiting it out usually results in them paying the true value when they can afford it.


sadly…below them.
Sometimes, my names aren’t showing up for pages and pages on google.

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A two word domain is quite difficult to get ranked highly without some serious dedication, it’s not worth the effort. A one word brandable will move up in the results over time if you build some backlinks to it.

Twitter (which I know you are doing), facebook, linkedin, tumbler… anywhere you can get a backlink, do it. Do you still have a website? You could create a simple list your names for sale on that website (with a link to each one of course :wink: ) hidden deep somewhere so people don’t see it but google spiders will. It’s not for traffic or marketing, it’s about increasing your search engine rankings.

I know some domainers will build a quick facebook page for each domain for sale. That’s a powerful backlink which really helps rankings, AND the facebook page will often rank for the domain name too.


Yes, all my names are on my website with links. I also write articles…sometimes those show up. I don’t want to use Linkedin for this for other reasons. Haven’t set up FB for my domains but I should and never thought of having individual ones for individual names. Woah, now that is some work. But I should do that on my higher priced names at least. Does it matter if you can get the exact FB handle or not?


No it doesn’t matter, in fact it’s great to get “xxxx dot com”, not .com but dot com (hope that makes sense).

The first one will take you some time. The second one will take a lot less time. You’ll find that you can whip something up in 5 minutes after some practice and when you know what you are doing. :slight_smile:


Yes, thank you! I have created a lot of FB pages… so it should go well.


I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the generous knowledge you all impart. Able, have you considered offering a course? A seminar? You have a built in customer in me as long as I get a significant discount wink. Seriously though, maybe another payday for you.