Best practices for advertising our names on social media and elsewhere

Hi guys!

I’ve been thinking about starting this new topic for some time now. Do you want to help each other with some tips on advertising our names to prospective end users on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc)?

I strongly believe that we should work together as a team. Competition comes second. What do you think?


I guess I will have to start first. Do you want to talk about Facebook and posting in groups on Facebook in a way that is not seen as spamming?

I’ve been experimenting with different strategies and I can share my experience. Good moment for sharing your domain name for sale is in the process of creating a logo for instance.

I will give you an example with my name RedPair(.)com. When the name was approved for premium couple of weeks ago, I posted a question in a Facebook group called something like “What does it mean?”
I asked “What can be red and goes in pairs?”. I received lots of suggestions and I involved in the discussion. At some point people started asking why did I need that, and only then I explained that I needed it for a logo for my name. Nobody saw what I did as spamming their group.

When the logo was ready I shared it with the people in the group. They felt like they were part of the process with their ideas. It was a common achievement.


Hiya Anton, I like the idea that’s a chill way to KROUDSORS organicish feedback. Good one. I will prolly use that model for R&D too Thanky U


Don’t know much about it but I am learning, I just listed a few on domains for sale FB pages and am crossing fingers.

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I’ve heard a few Twitter success stories. I’ve also tried domain selling fb pages. Will it work? Too green to know.

I’m interested Anton. Advertising on Twitter and FB is new to me. I’m not sure I want to invest anymore money though. Are there ways of free advertising? Or is that a mythical dream?

there are groups on facebook you can join but proceed cautiously I just dipped my toe in If I learn something I will share it with you


Thank You, Slogana! I appreciate that!