Best Movie Titles


I can’t believe this! No one here is a Lord of the Rings fan?? :smile:

My favorites are:

Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Schindler’s List
Saving Private Ryan
Tora Tora Tora
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (beautiful movie)
Apollo 13
Murder on the Orient Express with Albert Finney
Much Ado About Nothing (with emma thompson)
Tale of Two Cities with Ronald Colman
Fiddler on the Roof


Scent of a Woman - The name is intriguing for me yet it perfectly symbolizes the flamboyance of an ex army officer’s genuine experiences in life. For the movie itself, I especially like the teachings it provides and the nuances of the interactions between the two main characters.


“Gone With The Wind” . . . just like a lot of my shortlisted names lol
“IT” (2 letters yet so powerful) plus it scared the bajeebus out of me when I was little, but I’m a fan of horror flicks now :+1:


The crying game.Seems appropriate.


Hey @Grant! I’m getting geared up for you to do book titles!!! (Many of them of course became movies)…but boy, there are some good ones!!!


Oh. That’s a good idea. We’ll make sure to do books soon :slight_smile: