Best Movie Titles


What are your favorite movie titles and why?


The Green Mile.I love movies that are based on true stories and make me​:sob::sob: .First time I watched it- tore me up!! Overall it’s a great movie I watch often(dvr’d it):grinning:
Thanks @grant…very interesting thread!!

PS:: I was just informed it isn’t based on a true story😒anywho I STILL LOVE IT!!!


Nightmare Before Christmas…
It has such an edge to it :slight_smile: unexpected and intriguing.


The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Seriously, that is an awesome title for a film, it just makes you say… What???

And I’m from Guernsey so I might be biased. :grinning:


Pulp Fiction - even though I did not like the movie, it is edgy and intriguing
The Matrix - I mean, it’s just a great name for that movie
Back to the Future - love the play on words related to the meaning of the movie
Field of Dreams - listing this because it is my fav movie of all time (well next to Wizard of Oz)


Oh wow! A friend just told me how great this movie is, too.


I haven’t heard of either!! I’m looking into both now hehe. Those titles! Potato peel pie society makes me want to know more!!


One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
(I can relate to that title on a daily basis lol)
A Clockwork Orange
Full Metal Jacket
The Deer Hunter

  • Oculus - can anything sound more foreboding and yet intriguing at the same time?
  • A Scanner Darkly - The name makes sense in 12.5 minutes of the movie but not before that
  • A Clockwork Orange - I love this title, it’s weird and oddly symbolic
  • The Matrix - Toooo fitting
  • Tommyknockers -Anyone know what a tommyknocker is? I do. If you do, I rest my case.
  • The Breakfast Club -There could have been so many other names but the fact that it’s used as the last line in the movie drives the power and it’s just too fitting and yet you would think this type of title wouldn’t be seen withing two miles of a film, genre, or cast like this.
  • ARQ -It has meaning described in the film and it’s so interesting.
  • Eat Pray Love - All anyone needs, right?
  • Primal Fear - The Primal suggestion burrs a reaction of instant goosebumps, you know it’s going to be good and it’s going to frighten your core being – no, not a horror movie, but suspenseful and good and the name directly conveys that.
  • Requiem for a Dream - Need I say more?
  • Murder by Numbers - Systematic murder – well we already know this was premeditated, don’t we? But, did they get away with it? Is it the perfect sequence of actions? Watch and find out!
  • Inception - Wicked smart title and wicked mind-warping movie, yes … please.
  • SnowPiercer - Just too fascinating, isn’t it?
  • Cruel Intentions - This one gets the gears in your mind turning. It’s thought provoking, and it’s also curiosity provoking. There’s your hook.
  • Pulp Fiction - Clinks really said it best – definitely edgy and very intriguing. Name is actually somewhat better than the film – but I think most cult classics are like that – Name is good, movie not so much. Movie is good, name not so much. It’s why the ones that sound so snoreworthy end up being great in the CC category.
  • Trainspotting - Just … yeah … I’ll leave this here.
  • Terminus - Name is actually better than the movie, by a lot.


Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind- Awesome movie and one of the best movie titles ever!


Moretal’s pick just made me think of:
Life is Beautiful (because it is a story that takes place in a concentration camp) - you just have to see it to know why this is such a fantastic name


Ha…that is what I was gonna post

My reason: it’s a creative, thought provoking way of saying ignorance is bliss or what you don’t know can’t hurt you.


Big trouble in Little China. The good, the bad and the ugly. Sabata (I love the way it sounds). High Sierra. Casablanca. The Maltese falcon.

Evocative names like a streetcar named desire, cat on a hot tin roof, gone with the wind etc.


Shawshank Redemption— the title says it all.


love, Love, LOVE that movie!!! It’s so good!!!


From Dusk Till Dawn…because that’s just a cool name for a vampire movie.


Ooooh yes! Playing on opposites always gets to my heart.


I’ll confess, huge, HUGE, movie buff here and I love all the ones listed above.

Examples of titles + movie and why I liked them:

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest - The title is based on a nursery rhyme. The hospital is the Cuckoo’s Nest and McMurphy is the one who flew over it, metaphorically

Adrift - Survival of the mind and body while lost in the middle of the ocean

Crash - Very profound movie, top of my list. The name signifies how literally all of us at one time or another will crash into each other in some way.

Slumdog Millionaire - The name captures the complete opposite of the other and what happens to a young Indian boy growing up in the slums.

Terms Of Endearment - There are always terms in each relationship.

The Wind and the Lion - " I, like the lion, must remain in my place, while you, like the wind, will never know yours."

Chocolat - Singular word. And this one thing, chocolate, changes the lives of everyone

The Social Network - Who knew how powerfully this would affect the whole world and how the word social could so strongly turn people to be antisocial.

Love Actually - All time favorite. Another example of connection . Favorite scene - the airport and watching loved ones reconnecting with each other.


How about:

The Shape of Water - I love this name


Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane - sweet names with dark scenario ambiance
Black Swan, Donnie Darko - for their symbolism
The Neon Demon - edgy and intriguing
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - one of my favorite movies and I can say it is my favorite poetic title
Anomalisa - well, I found this movie in my bookmarks, I haven’t seen it yet, but the title just captivates you
Rebel without a cause;
The Devil Wears Prada - well, I guess it’s true.
Little Miss Sunshine - great name and great movie with a powerful message
What Dreams May Come - a title that relates to everyone with big dreams
Kill Bill;
500 Days of Summer
Silence of the Lambs
The Mothman Prophecies
Safety Not Guaranteed - an epic movie with an epic title that fits the scenario perfectly.