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Is it worth it still to submit a best entry on an abandoned contest, if your highest rated name is only 3 stars, and there are a handful of 4 stars and I think a 5 star or two? Or is it a waste of points? Normally I will if I have a high rated entry or two,or if good names weren’t seen/rated…but in this case is it smarter to just hold on to your points and let the higher scorers take it? Thanks~

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I don’t “best entry” any of mine if there are higher rated entries because to my understanding, the winner will be selected from those… right?

That’s what I was thinking…unless the CH abandoned the contest early and left a big percentage of entries not seen and/or rated. Then I’ll try.

Oh yeah… good point.

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@Dan another question about best Entry submissions. Do you guys choose the best entry based on all of the criteria the CH has given in brief and comments? Or are you ignoring that information and just choosing what you guys think is the best in your opinion?

This is the way I see it, and I may be wrong.

There is only one logic when an entry wins, CHLikesIt at last (not at first). The game is changed when a CH abandons the contest, now it’s SHLikesIt. So, if you truly think you have a best then you should, SH will not be looking at unrated entries unless you nominate it.

missed it again - no e mail!#tab-2 also missed this one - this is about the 10 contest that Ive missed

have to say its quite annoying to keep missing out on things I spent time trying to name

Sorry, Jose. Wonder why you didn’t get the emails… hmm.

Did you check your spam folder?

@jose, we are sending emails for all best entry nominations. We have now also added the option to check which contests are open for best entries at any given time. You really do not have to wait for emails, because you can see which contests are open for best entry nomination just by clicking the button on Active contests page. It is up to the contestants to nominate their best work in all contests. If you really think you have a great name, it is better to not wait till the last minute, and nominate it before 30 days are up for a contest.

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I got the two latest ones requiring best entries together with a comment for an entry, so may be its sorted out since your overhaul

how long do you get to enter because I checked earlier in the week and these latest decided ones were not there

@AmandaWhite, we evaluate several factors such as overall fit to the brief, quality of the name and whether it received any high ratings from the CH. At the end of the day it is a subjective decision, and we select the name that we would have picked as a winner if we were running that contest. We do not consider any unrated or low rated entries unless they are highlighted as best entry. Entries that received 5 or 4 star ratings certainly get a higher weightage because it is safe to assume that they were liked by CH.



We have rechecked our email logs and all emails to your email address were delivered successfully. We have not made any change in Best entry nomination emails so if you received the 2 emails from today, you might want to look closely - the emails might be in Bulk/ Spam folder or they might have been overlooked due to other emails. If you still don’t find them, the only thing I can recommend at this point is to either check with Gmail support team why you are not receiving these emails or try to use a different email address. If you need the detailed email logs, please contact us privately and we will share the details with you.

Once we send a reminder to nominate the best entries, we pick a winner after 2 days. However, please note that this reminder is sent 30 days after a contest has ended. So you can select best entries for pending contests even prior to receiving this reminder.

Where exactly on the active contests page is this button that you speak of? I’m not seeing it.

Oh, geez! I just lost 100 points for best entry nomination and I’ve deleted the message from the CH, saying he liked my entry. Really? Oh, well not doing this anymore.

It’s on the left hand side in the column near the bottom.It says “Best Entry Invitations” or something like that.

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Duck, it’s on the left side (it’s not a button, it’s a hyperlink) waaaaayyyyy down

you will see as follows:

By Contest status
Pending Winner Selection

By Award Guarantee
Not Guaranteed

By Award Amount


Other filters
Participated by me
Not Participated by me
Invite only

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