Best names are gone

@Dan I went to choose names for the best entries for the "luxury for you "contest…and my names are mysteriously gone.What happened? I had 3 names I did not delete. Thanks!

@hollygirl, all names stay in the contest unless they are withdrawn by the contestant. If you have specific questions about your entries, please contact the support team and they will be able to assist you.

Mine are gone too! I usually don’t delete entries and less I’ve submitted so many that I have to…I only submitted three for this contest and they’re not there. Though at the bottom of my screen it says there were three entries not rated.

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Gone too? and not showing on Best entry list

My apologies. It looks like this contest had been put on hold after it was launched, due to a payment issue. We have tried to contact the CH multiple times but haven’t been able to receive the payment. Therefore, no entries are visible on this contest. We shouldn’t have sent out the Best Entry nomination until we resolved the payment issue. We will add a comment on the contest to clarify this issue. All entries are still recorded in the contest, they are just not visible until the payment issue is resolved.


not exacly sure if I entered but there are none of mine there

Mine were missing too, glad it wasn’t me.