Best Entries Option

Someone mentioned that the “Best Entries” option is already available. If so, do we have to determine this at the time of entry? Thanks!

And how do we do it, i don’t see anything?

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Looks like we have new box on right of entries currently the normal comment availability and withdrawl, maybe this is where we will mark are best entry

We don’t have this feature built yet, but we expect it to be available in few days. Will announce it as soon as it is live.

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Thank you, Dan! You’ll announce it on this forum?

Correct, @auntshommy

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It’s up and running! Yay! Of course, questions. I’ll start with mine: Will the 50 points be refunded if the CH picks a winner? AH – never mind. I see this option is a plus for us with the CH, too, as he/she can see our selection.

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Maybe I saw the future lol

Oh, good point Stalias!!!

I like that points matter now! wont affect the NayNays of the site per say ( I say per say a lot) makes us stop and think before entering names instead of name grabbing! I also like having the points deducted for best entries seems like a fairly good incentive to do our best !