Best Entries Highlighted Twice for a Single Name

Just entered my best entry for an abandoned contest. Only nominated one name but that name ended up 2x highlighted, showing two red stars. It’s not what i wanted. Can an entry be highlighted twice?

@Front, an entry can not be highlighted twice. This must be a system glitch if it allowed you to do it twice. Can you PM me the entry, and I will forward to the team to investigate?

@Dan It happened again when I was highlighting a Best Entry for the contest

When I tried highlighting one entry the star icon appeared twice, two showing side by side, then on page refresh it reverted to show only one icon. Checking the My Points page shows -50 twice.

@Front, we see the points being deducted twice. We have credited back 50 points to your account. We are looking into why this happened. By any chance, did you click on the Submit button twice (e.g. double click)? This might help us trouble shoot how it happened.

@Dan My mouse sometimes will rapidly fire twice when I mean to click it once. It’s imperceptibly fast, I hear only 1 click but I see two things happen on screen. Thanks for the points back, I’m not keeping count :slight_smile: