Best Entries Glitch?

I’ve been trying to submit my “Best Entries” in several cases recently, but when I click the link and select the “Entries” tab, mine don’t show up and it says “This is a Private Contest”

However, the page clearly shows that I have submitted entries in the “Number of Your Entries” category. :worried:

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Fantastic does that mean I have a better chance to win) Just kidding ))) I’m not sure I only have one set in this batch and those I starred before the contest even ended.

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thats a new one on me …what device are you using

I’m using my laptop - The same device I’ve always used …

Just tried again, and no success - Sigh :confused:

you are doing the new ones not the old one lol ? silly question

Yes, Dear, I’m responding to the current ones, not the CLOSED ones. :laughing:

Sorry, off topic!

I had a feeling you were British…but how do you not know “sh*ts and giggles”?! I am not British, but speak British English (:P), and am very familiar with that phrase…although I didn’t get that that was what it was playing off, until the CH explained it! Haha weird!

Because I am not British!!! - LOL :smile:

As “The Boss” says: I was Born in the USA :innocent:

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I’m Australian and I knew that one lol

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Alwritey then, I was replying to Jose

Skevans, totally thought you were an Aussie too, because you say “mate” alot! I’m a kiwi in California!

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Oops, sorry - My bad!
Jose is a man of the world - Full of mystery and intrigue…
Kinda like “The 2nd Most Interesting Man in the World” :laughing:

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Haha good guess, “mate” is always a dead give away and its just a habit for me to say.

You living in California? Or just having a couple of years over there or something?

yes Im British and the shits passed me by, I never heard that phrase apparently Austin Powers used in in the movie, which ive never seen

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Yes, am living here:) NZ’ers say “mate” a lot as well, but I figured you were more likely Australian;)

Lol Jose. You don’t know “sh*ts and giggles”, and haven’t seen Austin Powers? C’mon now:P