Best Entries are here!

Based upon feedback and discussion in several other threads, we are happy to announce the “Best Entries” feature. Contestants will now have the ability to mark upto two of their entries as “Best Entries” in a contest. These entries will stand out from others, resulting in much higher likelihood that the contest holder will see these entries and evaluate them closely for winner selection.

In case of unawarded contests, we will also consider best entries to pick a winner for a contest (in addition to other 4 star and 5 star entries).

You will need 50 points to highlight an entry as a best entry. This will ensure that only those contestants who have earned points, are able to use this feature. It will also ensure that contestants use this feature only in those cases where they truly think their submission is high quality, and deserves to win.

We will be announcing few more changes to the point system in next few days to ensure that high quality contestants continue to earn an even higher number of points, and similarly any excessive submissions that are of low quality result in reduction of points. We will also be announcing more ways in which points can be used on our platform. Stay tuned!


Something is not clear, do we lose 50 points if we choose one of our entries as “best entries”? Or do you have to have at least 50 points to be able to choose your best entries?

@Wolverutto, its both. Think about this as the premium you pay for much greater visibility and therefore higher likelihood of consideration by Contest holder. The reason we deduct points for this feature is to ensure that it is used only in case of those entries which are genuinely considered Best by the contestants.

I think all these rules will keep away new members like me and only the veterans will be left, until they leave too.
My opinion is biased though.

@Wolverutto I think you will find in most contests you will never need to use the best entries option with all the new features especially the incentive for the CH to receive a rebate if they pick the winner in a timely fashion. Generally on most contests I put out feeler names to try and gauge what the Ch is exactly after, if he hates them all no real damage done only 3-4 bad ratings if I happen to get a decent Rating I use that as a springboard and continue to enter names 1-2 at a time.
@Dan on the newbie issue I can understand a bit of what wolverutto is saying, perhaps newbies should all be bumped to 100 points to start ( or whatever works with new rating system) Should you however like the old system squander that away Sayonara. when I first started it was touch and go for the first 2 months making sure I didn’t go negative starting with zero, to start with 100 though gives a newbie a chance or 2 early on to use a best entry (but what a gamble, it better be the best)

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I have an idea which I’m hoping might be constructive: The “Best Entries” option is a wonderful change. I’m wondering if the selection timing could be adjusted to make these choices more meaningful:
I thought of calling it your ACES (After Contest Entry Selection), and yes, I do like acronyms. If SH still plans on choosing the winners of unawarded contests about 2 months later, maybe after 1 month, we could get an e-mail that we can select our BestEntries/ACES for possible winner selection. This way, if we were trending in the contest or it never awarded any points, our choices might have a legitimate chance if we’re forfeiting points. Usually (though not always), CHs who pick the winner do so in the 3-4 weeks after a contest ends. And if a CH awarded a lot of high ratings but we didn’t get any (happened to me in the global contest) we can just skip entering our BestEntries. Thoughts?


@auntshommy, the goal for Best Entries is two-fold. One, provide better visibility to contest holder (during the contest), to ensure they don’t miss any best entries before deciding the winner. Second, in case of unawarded contest, it allows winner selection from a smaller pool of entries. Therefore, we prefer to keep it open for contestants to mark as Best Entries any time during the contest. Different users could follow different strategies based on their preference. For example:

  1. Some users might want to select best entries as early as possible in the contest to improve visibility and maximize the chances of CH considering them as a potential candidate.

  2. Some users might want to wait towards the end of the contest and only mark those entries as best entries which have not yet been rated by CH. The reason being that if the contest holder has already seen the rated entries, there may not be any advantage of highlighting them again by marking them as best entries.

  3. Some users might want to wait after the contest is over, and only after 2-3 weeks, select them as best entries to ensure they get considered by SH for winner selection of unawarded contests.

None of them are wrong approaches, just different ways to maximize the likelihood of winning the contest.

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@seezall and @Wolverutto, we are planning on introducing a 30 day leaderboard that will address some of the points you mentioned related to new users. We will award bonus points for those users who demonstrate the best achievement during their last 30 days of activity. We think this will provide a level playing field for new users and existing users to earn substantial bonus points at the end of every month. More to come on this soon.


Good point, Dan. I do a lot of explaining my entries via PMs, though. Sometimes it’s helped. Other times, the CHs really don’t care because it’s just not what they want. Personally, I would rather keep explaining and save the 50 points for closed contests where I think I have at least some chance to win.

This is a huge turn off for me. I just started and it makes it seem you can “buy” status. All names should be looked at and rated. It would be better to limit entries to 2 or 3.

In a perfect contest world all names would be looked at and rated but that is not the reality.
The suggestion for best entry was to help SH figure out a way to pay unawarded contests.
Contests that have been abandoned by the CH for whatever reason. Maybe they got swamped with lesser quality names and decided they did not want to sift thru, sometimes 1000’s of names to find a great one. Maybe they ‘saw’ their winner and walked away to go on with building their business. For what ever reason, the contest went unawarded. This idea made it easier to SH admin to figure out how to close out the contest…SH Admin just enhanced upon the idea.

As you said, you just started, thus, you have no proven track record and we all started out that way.

*Seasoned ‘creatives’ are NOT buying status, they are utilizing an option offered to them that they have already EARNED.

They earned it by submitting high quality entries, that garnered higher points from the CH. In doing that, a creative shows that they have the ability to follow the brief and give the Client what they are looking for. For the most part, that takes time, creativity and skill and if you are successful, that would be reflected in your points status.
So as a newbie, just submit high quality ideas, enter every contest, follow the briefs and CH comments and that will boost your ratings faster, giving you the ability to utilize options available to seasoned creatives.

I don’t think it’s fair to expect someone with a proven track record to be on equal footing with someone with no track record…as with a lot of situations, you have to start somewhere and earn status.


@dan Here are some of my concerns about Best Entries.

I like @auntshommy’s idea for ACES (After Contest Entry Selection), great acronym BTW! I feel Best Entries should be used for unawarded contests, but not during.

Personally I don’t use it, I don’t really understand it, don’t think it should be called ‘Best’. With every new CH we enter into a new world, with a new Best, the CH’s best. I don’t know how I will feel if my Best Entry gets a 1-Star lol

On the Contestant’s side, it could feel less graceful than it sounds, making me regret I chose that name as ‘Best’ then found a better name later. To me, I feel I can perform better not thinking about selecting a Best, but now I wonder will I lose out and wasted my time on a contest if I don’t use this feature? I had won many contests with names I didn’t expect would win, it’s the CH’s best that counts isn’t it?

On the CH’s side, especially a first time CH, I’m concerned that maybe they think it’s an SH expert helping them choose the best names for them, or Artificial Intelligence like Siri or Amazon Echo or Microsoft Cortana that’s coming into mainstream psyche now. Will Best Entries sway CH’s decision?

I’m just quite unsure about this feature. I don’t hold contests so I can’t see what a CH sees. Maybe I’ll use it if I see many winning entries that use it. Will this fact be public?

I’m not against it, I just know something doesn’t feel right for me and I’m not using it. I don’t want to be left in the dark either.

To Best or not to Best, that is the question.

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I agree…I originally proposed this idea for closed contests, where the creatives that entered could pick 2 they felt were their best and SH Admin could vote on those selected names. It was a way to alleviate the problem of picking a name from several hundred (or thousand) down to a few hundred.

When I suggested it, I was not even thinking about doing it on active contests…and I agree with @Front…I’m not sure this process will work on open contests.

Who am I say to a Client this is a best entry? It’s subjective…

This was suggested on SH Admins thread on What to do with unawarded contests.

“How about if they don’t choose a winner, all the creatives that participated get to highlight Two of, what we feel is our BEST submission, and then SH votes on just the highlighted ones.
That way, we have some say in which name we feel should win. Less names for SH to vote on…#of creatives x2 names”

If there were names that were rated 4’s or 5’s add them in there too…it’s still less entries for SHAdmin to vote on, and everybody gets an opportunity to get voted on


What about allowing CHs to close a contest before the end but without choosing a winner? Let’s say they have 5-6 entries they like but they keep getting hundreds of entries they are not interested in and that they will never read. Such a situation is very bad for contestants, we keep working and working for nothing.
This way the CH can stop the contest, focus on the few entries they like, and choose a winner within 2-3 days maybe? It could be a rule that if they close the contest before its scheduled end they have to choose within 2-3 days.

Maybe, also, in this case a contenstant could decide to use points to submit their best entry to the CH even if the contest has been closed earlier (but only in case it is closed earlier)

Hi @Wolverutto, (a 2nd “W” :slight_smile: ) I have just invited you to a topic that has discussions re your last ideas-(please read all the way to my last comment there). I am also going to try sending you a pm thru the flag , as I just saw a contest I think will explain a lot to you. Fingers crossed . . . My first time trying this! :wink:

@whirlwind, I saw the topic you said, but that one is about choosing a winner and closing the contest. Instead, my idea is that the CH can close the contest without choosing the winner when they have a few names they like to choose from and don’t want any more suggestions. No more time wasted submitting entries that CH is not going to read, and if somebody really thinks their idea is good, they can use the Best Entry option.
CH can close the contest and then has to choose in 2 days, during these 2 days people can use their best entry if they want. How many, cost in points, etc is for SH to decide.

I must respectfully ask you if you read all the comments- I believe some of my final comment(s) did address why this might not work/be fair. (For both the CH & creatives). (I will try to pm you the other way about that sample contest- the “flag system” would not allow me to message you- only admin can :blush: )

I will be curious to hear more about this aspect. As it stands right now, you certainly can plow through a lot of points that took an incredibly long time to earn. I just went down about 200 points in no time flat. At this rate, I’ll be a newbie by the end of the week. .lol. It already feels very limiting to me personally. 4 and 5 star entries are typically rather rare even for the best of namers. Has there ever been any consideration to awarding something to 3 stars entries (rather than zero) when they are clearly on the right track? Heck, I have won in the past with only a three star entry. Perhaps there can be some consideration there. I also hope that if your 30 day plan uses points as a basis, that it doesn’t take out ones that have been “spent” for best entry. I do want to say that I sincerely appreciate the efforts of the SH team to listen and the site upgrade is absolutely incredible. I know you can’t please everyone. But if it could just be me that would be great. LOL


@whirlwind, I read all the comments but I have a different idea of fairness. Sorry :smiley:

I had the same experience just now, and the same reaction.
Repeat CHs are going to learn quickly to inflate ratings to get a high response to their contests. And I also have won with 3 stars.