Beauteous thank you notes


Now that we creatives are unable to message CHs, I would really love it if SH had thank you notes that we could send to contest holders when our names are chosen. Pretty, meaningful, funny, thankful thank you notes that they get in their inbox and that make them smile.

It’s super hard to not be able to thank CHs for choosing our names and I have to be honest that i am pretty unhappy that the majority got punished for the minority who took advantage. So this is my answer to that. Thank you notes that we can ONLY send when we win. Can we please???
Thank you SH for all you do!


I AGREE… I feel very THANKFUL to be able to participate and VERY VERY thankful if I WIN, get feedback etc!!!


You can still send thank you notes.


@Commulinks you can still send them a thank you note through the message tab


Thanks you guys. I thought that was also disabled … I looked at it and didn’t see it right away but then someone PMd me and I realized I just didn’t look hard enough. I would still really like to have nice thank you note templates though. Thanks so much for responding.


Maybe Admin should hold a contest for the designer and logo makers for that one!