Beating a Dead Horse

Again, Please change the “View Brief” on the submission board from a pop up (which disappears once you click) back to viewing it on the same page (Like what 'viewing the messages" is). It’s so cumbersome to constantly click on that brief link.


@LauraE, we have received mixed feedback on popup, vs, showing the brief in an expanded format. For now, we will keep the page with the current design, but if we find that most creatives prefer the other format, we will change it.

I personally prefer the other format. When I click to see the brief I want to be able to enter my idea without having to close it.

Is there a way to go back to the old format but allow us to see the entire brief? If so that would be perfect. I actually prefer the current format because I can see the entire brief without having to keep going back to the contest page to see the details I couldn’t see in the "abbreviated " brief. With the current pop up I can see the whole brief. Yes it disappears but it is easier to re-click the brief tab then to back all the way out to see it on the contest page. Like I said being able to see the whole brief using the old format would be perfect.

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I agree.It was such a pain to have to go clear back to the original page to see the entire brief.I love it this way!

It’s a pain either way because we either have to close out of the brief (current) or completely change the page (previous). Yes, the current format is quicker, but I believe LauraE is requesting there be no clicking or changing of pages period. Once you click on see brief, the entire brief should show, and we should be able to scroll down to submit, not have to close out or load a new page etc.

That’s where my “vote” goes!


That is exactly what I meant @Chasity2ku ! I wish we could go back to that, it’s so much better to scroll up and down than see a pop up (IMHO)

@Dan, see Chasity’s comment above mine. That is what I was trying to say.