Be happy for those who do win and move on

Hi all. I really need to get this off my chest. Lately I have noticed a few complaing about not winning. I’m not talking about complaining about a dry spell (Im guilty of this :wink:

I’m talking about actually getting angry through the forum and in public messages on contests about not being number 1 and suggesting changes to be made so you can benefit. Can I just let you know that you sound like a child who didn’t get an ice cream. Everyone is in the same boat. I have only been here since October last year but even those who have been here since the beginning don’t complain as much. If you don’t win you don’t win. Get over it, be happy for the Creative that did and move onto the next contest like everyone else!. Phew… Sorry… rant over lol.
Hope everyone else has a fantastic day :blush:


And sorry for the shocking grammer… long night… lol

I never expect to win anything at all anymore and am completely OK with long dry spells. I just try to do the best I can and leave the rest to fate.

This approach gives me great peace of mind, and I win regardless. So IMHO it is not what you expect that matters, but what you actually do.