Backspace key doesn't work when using FireFox

Does anyone else have this problem? When I press the backspace key in the slide-out text input fields of contests, nothing happens. To remove a letter or letters, I have to highlight and then type my new name. Or I can close the slide-out and begin again. The backspace works fine here and it works fine when describing the name in the slide-out. But the backspace doesn’t work when imputing a domain name or the company name.

This only happens with FireFox and not Chrome.

Could this be the solution?

I have Firefox also and the backspace doesn’t work after typing a name for the .com or business name. I also have to highlight and backspace. It used to be ok.

same here…used to work but has been messed up for quite a while now

Time for Chrome you guys!! :wink:

Or IceDragon, its a browser very similar to Firefox and it is meant to be for users that prefer firefox but fixes a lot of the issues FF has. I am not sure if ID would fix your current issue, but may be worth a try. Or there is Vivaldi which has a lot of interesting settings and customizations. Something to possibly look into. Same as with ID, I am not sure if it will fix your problems, but I am trying to give options for those that don’t like the idea of Chrome. I know if you’re a coder or even a graphics person, why you probably prefer FF, so just trying to offer options that may be within your wheelhouse, if that is the case.

Furthermore, SH may need to look into it’s own Java coding. If they use certain kinds of validation enablers, it may only work with certain browsers as things that are coded often have to be coded for specific browsers to work. Because I have not seen the backend coding of SH I cannot say whether this may be an issue or not, but something that SH may have to look into.

I just wanted to say thanks, the problem seems to have been fixed.