Back to ONE word names AGAIN


I know you said the contest doesn’t default to 1 word only, but you guys have to see that the majority ARE defaulting to 1 word, and someone has to ask EVERY time if this is correct and the majority of the answers is NO, they didn’t set it to one word. (some really do) but this is happening more and more. Can you check into this and see why it keeps populating the “1” in…something keeps putting this in and it’s not just what they chose. Thanks in advance for looking into this.


@jackieheraty, we will look into this again.


@Dan…any luck figuring out what the issue is on this?

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@jackieheraty, we had recently changed the default option to “No Limit”. So unless a CH explicitly selects a word limit, it should default to “No Limit”. If you are seeing any issues, please send to the support team so we could look into them further.

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Great, thanks for the follow up!!

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