Available domains that have won previous contests


@grant Could you review this please?

There are occasions where available domains cannot be submitted to contests because:
a) They won a contest and the CH didn’t buy the name
b) They won a contest ages ago, the CH bought the name and dropped it a year later
c) A different domain extension won a contest

There are occasions were we cannot submit our premium names to contests because:
a) They won a contest but the CH didn’t buy the name.
b) A different extension has previously won a contest.

I think I now have 7 premium domains in the marketplace that I cannot submit to contests and this is going to get worse over time. I don’t really want to remove my premium names that I can’t submit into contests but it seems pointless to leave them where they are.

It also raises the point that, how do we know that names sold on the secondary market can actually be entered into contests?

I also get instances where my marketplace name has been entered into a contest under a different extension, so I can’t submit my marketplace name, which is very annoying. Right now, there is a .com.au pet contest where one of my .com names from the marketplace has been entered as a .com.au entry by someone else (I know because I tried to submit it and was told that it had already been submitted). If that name wins, I won’t be able to enter another premium domain I own into future contests and I didn’t even win this contest! I used to report them but it’s happening so often I just got fed up with it.

Can you allow it so that available domain names and all names listed in the marketplace can be submitted to contests? The new 3 day delay in publishing winning names should protect the CH if they want to buy a name, if they don’t register it in that time, then they are unlikely to register it at all.

Thanks for considering.


Well said. I have the same issues as mentioned above. Very annoying. The only choice is to take these names and enter on other sites only. Not a very good solution. When a CH has the same contest on other sites, I use those names there. You would think SH would want to allow ALL names that are available.


@AbleBrands Thanks for the feedback. We are working on making some changes to this policy. More to be announced in the near future.

We will also be changing the rules for displaying unregistered winning names to Tier A creatives, because we have received several reports that this policy is leading to winning names getting registered and offered for sale on other platforms.


Fantastic, thank you for the update @grant


I have run into having my premiums already subbed to contests, too. Or at least I got a message that they were. Once, I reported this to SH and was told that my name had NOT been submitted, even though I got that message. So there was a glitch of some kind. But I just ran into this problem again yesterday.


If domain alterations are allowed that is possible, happened to me actually. Someone posted my premium name and altered domain. After talking with support I was told I am allowed to submit slightly altered name + my premium domain.

Regarding main topic on this thread, I had CH explicitly say to me he is not going to register winning name, just use it as inspiration, and I am free to use the domain, but I saw no point in registering it since I wouldn’t be able to use it in contests.


I see this has started already. What a bummer that people were doing this. It is so frustrating!


@Commulinks It’s too easy to become a Tier A creative. I understand hiding winning entries from newer members, even if they are Tier A. Long term members (not talking about myself, I’ve only been here two years) should have a higher degree of trust associated with their accounts.


Two more this week. Am looking forward to the updates :slight_smile: Thanks very much.


@Commulinks I have also run into this problem a couple of times.


I’m a Tier A creative and glad this policy will go into effect, although I personally don’t think many creatives or contest holders are the ones registering names, although it does happen. This action would help prove that. I’ve had many times submitted names where the name was registered before the contest holder had even seen it, I didn’t register it, and it was a private contest so no other creative saw it, so that only leaves someone who has access to submitted names on the SH side. It took me a long time to figure this out, I was blaming contest holders, but the pattern became clear and pervasive, often times contest holders even asking me after they had “loved” one of my entries and wanted to pick it, why it was no longer available. I have brought this up several times in communications with members of SH because most IP theft occurs internally, and I suggested some preventative measures be put in place. Also, I was the one who suggested we be able to withdraw our names, although they are not really gone from Squadhelp so it is not that effective, and now has become a problem with the new marketplace because you can’t search them to find your previous good names and submit them (only the last 30 days). Anyways, just wanted to say this has been going on for years, and I’ve seen well over 300 of the names Ive submitted registered shortly after submission, far more than coincidence (I stopped counting & reporting since it’s futile - also many of the thefts started occurring right after the 30-day point once that was initiated), so I can’t imagine how many names collectively over time between all the creatives have been registered after submission. Again, I do not believe it is the contest holder or creatives doing it in most cases, and with almost all names being registered privately, Squadhelp checking to verify domain registration is pretty pointless. I would like to see more control and limitations placed on who can see the unregistered names anywhere - internally or externally, but let’s hope this change makes a difference or is revealing.


@brom4880 Thanks for your feedback. It is against our Forum posting policy to discuss domain registrations (because it can lead to more of that behavior) however since you have made some serious allegations, we have approved the post, so that we can respond.

SH employees are strictly prohibited from registering (or selling) any domains - not just the domains added to SH platform. We also have tracking and security measures, that allow us to limit and monitor the access to certain aspects of our platform.

I took a quick look at your reported domain submissions - it appears that since 2017, you have submitted 25,838 entries, and have reported a total of 64 domains as registered (9 reports in 2019, and 8 in 2018). Perhaps there are additional names that you have not reported - however if you would like our assistance in looking into these issues, the first thing we would need is for you to report the specific instances.

The purpose of this response is not to undermine the issue. Unwanted Domain registrations are not good for anyone - however we have over 100,000 creatives at this point and there are several hundred instances everyday where the same name is being thought of and submitted by more than one creative.

Submitting unregistered domains comes with a risk, and with such a high volume of submissions, it is likely that a small percentage of your submissions will eventually get registered (some by other creatives, some by contest holders, and some by someone completely independent). If you believe the risk of domain registrations outweighs the benefits, you have the option to register your good names first, and only submit registered names to contests as a basic, basic plus or premium listing.


‘‘100,000 creatives’’ - say what?! Is it possible to share an approximation of users that actively participate into contests? P.S: sorry for being off topic


Brom, I know we are not allowed to discuss this topic so my answer is going to be very very vague on purpose and I hope SH will allow this response. I know of at least one other way this can happen. It has nothing to do with Squadhelp and is a method used by domainers - thousands of them - that probably aren’t even on SH. I know about it, but I do not use it myself and I register all my domains publicly. But I did want you to know this, even if it is extremely vague, because I know you have thought a lot about this as I have. As @Grant said, we don’t want posts in the forum to lead to more of that behavior, but that behavior exists outside of SH and there is nothing we can do about it. On the positive side, there are still TONS AND TONS of unregistered domains for us to find and use. I hope this post is helpful to you and some others. <3


I think the solution to this problem is by hiding the premium domain from Co creatives, after all, I don’t think Creative has purchased any name ever since the premium domain started


@grant, It’s appreciated that squadhelp allows this option of entering our registered domains in contests and thank you for that.One of the things I love about SquadHelp is that it has always been open to suggestions, as well as dissatisfaction shared by the creatives and so on. What I am perplexed by is when that option is taken away and thus restrictions put on someone for sharing a grievance or concern in private. Then it starts to feel like if you share that grievance one time to often, even in private-you will be silenced. I understood about not bringing things up on the forums, but wasn’t aware we were not allowed to bring them up even via blue button. Wish I would have knew the rules ahead of time. I am bringing this up here to hopefully spare other’s from what may lie ahead, if they do the same. Thanks for listening.



We encourage everyone in the community to share feedback.

Creatives work hard in coming up with names and when they submit them as unregistered names, they are taking a leap of faith with the platform and trusting the integrity of the process. We understand when a domain gets registered, it can be extremely frustrating. In some situations we even receive comments like:

  • Squadhelp is registering the names without knowledge of creatives (and possibly selling them)
  • Squadhelp is affiliated with NameSilo and NameSilo is registering names submitted in SH contests
  • Squadhelp is favoring certain “insider” creatives by giving them access to high rated names or CH comments

When these issues are brought up to us, we do our best to explain to creatives that we do not engage in any such practices. However despite our responses, if someone continues to demonstrate a fundamental lack of trust in the integrity of the platform, at some point we may decide to remove their ability to submit unregistered domains. In these situations, the creatives can typically still participate in the platform by submitting registered domains, or by listing names in our Marketplace.


@Grant; Thanks for responding. Yes, we do work very very hard, and yes we do take a leap of faith as you say, in seeing if the names we submit will fall into what you may be looking for per marketability. I know as for my self, I do back ground checking to see how much it’s projected market value is compared to similar names that have sold on other domain websites. I check to make sure it’s already not in use on the internet and when similar to names that are in use, make sure there isn’t something to close already out there.

I have not accused squadhelp or anyone working at squadhelp for any such thing as you mentioned others have above. I merely questioned the reason a particular name I submitted was not chosen, and yet a similar name was chosen, a name that was associated with one of the places you mentioned above, 4 days later.

I also questioned why some people have up to a hundred or more names in the market place, while others struggle to get twenty, or five or one. I was not discussing anything that has not already been discussed in the forums multiple times. I do question the integrity of how something looks and thought you might to being the reputable business that squadhelp has worked hard to achieve. I am sorry if you or anyone there felt offended by my questioning the fairness of the workings of the platform and those who are in the position to accept or reject a name.
The answer I was given to the question I had asked, was that some names are simply not chosen because of the PRICE we were asking. However, I learned early to increase the chase of a name being accepted by letting squadhelp choose the commision and the price. So the answer I was given did therefore not apply.

My feelings are not hurt when a name I submit is rejected, neither am I upset. I simply was pointing out the head scratcher technique of not choosing a name one day only for a similar name to then be on the market place 4 days later. I realize there will always be human errors, platform errors, and there is no sure fire, full proof way of picking and choosing names. I do hope my apology is accepted and if I have over stepped the boundaries of making a complaint verses squadhelp interpreting that has an accusation. I have NEVER suspected anyone at squadhelp of doing misdeeds with names being submitted here. I was expressing frustration only. And I thought that would be ok, either in private or public. I am human, after all.

Other than that, yes it is not my business and I am no expert on how you or any one there should run it. As always, thanks for listening. I wish I could make a suggestion for you on on what may or may not be helpful to the platform, but as for now the only clear suggestion I can make, is maybe not to mistake a person’s frustration with that of a perceived accusation. Thanks again, Grant.


Thanks @Kral for your feedback. We would never take any action for asking questions about names not getting approved in Marketplace. It is best to discuss these matters privately and our team will be happy to provide additional feedback.


The rejected for too high a price is a little counterintuitive as I imagine many of those get submitted for review. Why not just list your price and let the creative decide yeah or nay? Was there some sort of problem in the past? It can be intimidating to submit a name but worry about what price you put on the line.