Automatic Recommendations

You would not know if a name was suggested to a CH already. But, you will know if they CH imported your name into the contest and I imagine it will look just like if you did it yourself. If the CH accidentally tried to import the same name, I am guessing that the system would tell them the name is already in their contest and if it turns out that is not true, then we should report that to SH to fix. They are great about fixing glitches and that would be a glitch because I’m sure they don’t want that to happen either.

There are two different things: The suggestion list and the names the CH actually imports. We don’t know when our name has been suggested and the CH passes it by. So, we would still be able to enter the name because the CH hasn’t imported it.

My suggestion would be for creatives to try it and help SH work out any glitches.

Regarding duplicate names… Instant Recommendations will not block a Creatives from submitting a name unless it is “liked,” and therefore brought into the contests. Once an Instant Recommendation is moved into a contest, it will block that name from being submitted by a Creative. The inverse is also true. If a Creative submits a name into a contest, then the CH will not be able to bring the same name in from Instant Recommendations.


I got it. Thank you both.

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Instant Recommendations Beta launches today!

Instant Recommendations are now available for a subset of Contest Holders. Recommendations will only be available in Guaranteed contests with an award amount of more than $200. And we will continue to refine the suitability algorithm that is powering this program.

Don’t forget, you must opt-in to have your names Recommended. We also encourage you to add comments and categories to your previously submitted names by clicking on the Classify button, which is on each name within your My Entries tab–the more names you categorize, the more likely you are to be Recommended.

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I am super excited to see how this goes, Grant! Thanks to the whole team. I really appreciate that it is only for guaranteed contests of $200 or more, too.

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I agree. I am very excited about this new addition!


Grant, will we see the likes/loves our “bell” notifications?

Grant, is there any way that the system could identify if an entry was already classified? Perhaps a check mark after “Classify this Entry”? I started to go through some of my entries and classified a few and now I don’t know which ones I did…unless I click on each and every one of them. I am still a little reluctant to participate but want to be prepared in case I change my mind. Good luck to those above who are ready to take the plunge!

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@grant If an automatic recommendation wins, will we (the creative community) know it was an auto rec? I ask out of curiosity and I’d just like to see how often it happens :slightly_smiling_face:

@grant Could you please answer the question above? Thank you!

@Chasity2ku - We don’t have the ability to show the winning names differently (if it was selected from auto recommendations), however it is a good idea and we will add this in the future


@Grant Hello Grant - Could you answer my question above regarding Classifying entries? Thank you.

@annoloc - We do not have that feature now, and your request is noted. Thank you for your feedback.

@Grant Thanks! :smile:

@annoloc - I’ve spoken with the team, and we will build this feature in the coming weeks. Thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

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@Grant That is awesome!!! Thank you! :smile:

I’m just curious if any contest holders have use the automatic suggestions yet?


Instant Recommendations are being used by some CHs. We are continuing to improve our recommendation algorithm, as well as the UX to further increase the adoption of this feature. We will continue to offer this feature in Beta mode for some time.