Automatic Recommendations

Next week, we will launch our new Instant Recommendations Feature.

Our new algorithm will analyze past entry rating, type, and style; contest information; CH preferences; and other information to recommend past contest entries in live contests for consideration, and a chance to win.

We recommend that you use your My Entries page to categories your current entries (especially those with high ratings) by Type and Style.

You will be able to opt out of this program if you do not want to participate.

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Hi Grant,

I’m not sure I understand - Are you saying we can re-submit previous high-rated entries that were not chosen? Because if so, don’t most of us do that anyway, since the CH liked or loved the name, but didn’t ultimately choose it as his or her winner.

…Or am I totally missing the point? (which is highly likely - LOL) :grinning:

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We’re already doing this…the difference is, it may suggest a name we completely forgot we came up with that might be perfect, as well as potentially cut out time wasted searching for vaguely remembered names for similar contests.

I think it’s gonna be pretty helpful and I’m excited to see how it works!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ohhh, so the system remembers and recommends names that we’ve used before that might be appropriate for another contest?

I am really excited about the possibilities on this new offering. I have a few questions and suggestions:
Will we know if one of our names has been recommended already to a CH to prevent us from entering them in the contest?
How will we know where to report registered domains?
Would it be possible to add a comment box to the name descriptions so we can say what the name means?
Is it possible to add field that would say what type of business we might envision using that name? How will the system know?
Can we also have an option to note that a name is in a foreign language AND designed for a place? (You know, you look at your names and you know that people are going to say what on earth is that??? And think it is a terrible name when it was perfect in a foreign language for a particular contest!)
If we do not make choices, will those names be skipped? I have some names I don’t think should be offered because, for example, they were for a certain contest where I had to add weird characters, etc just to sub the domain because the CH was planning to buy domains from brokers.
Will the system know that a name is already being considered in an active contest and not present it?

I really want the CHs to get the best impressions of the names they are presented with so I want to make sure that I sort mine right.
Thanks! This is going to be a great passive way to increase our possibilities here!

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Exactly, but to my understanding for the best results you’ll want to start using the drop down boxes to categorize entries as you enter them. If you’ve got time it’s going to be beneficial to go to your “my entries” page and categorize entries there too, especially ones with good ratings!

I believe the purpose of this is to basically put these entries on the algorithm’s radar, if you will. So I’d say the more you categorize, the better it’ll probably work for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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So what you’re saying is, UNLESS we opt out of the automatic entry thingy, SH has control over which of our past entries will be offered up to whichever contests? and if we don’t fill out the drop down boxes, none of our entries will be offered?

Well I don’t know foresure, what I posted is my assumption of how it will work.

But, I don’t believe the system will enter these suggestions for you, rather notify you of previous entries that may be a good fit based on how you previously categorized them, then you decide if they’re worth submitting or not.

I assume if you opt out, you won’t get these suggestions, and if you don’t categorize entries, it won’t know what their intended tone is. If that makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

How do we opt out? Will we have to opt out of each contest, or will we be able to set it up so that we don’t participate in this new “feature” for all contests?


Hmmmmm… I thought the new feature was where the CH would see past entries they could choose from without us. I’m looking forward to Grant’s response to learn how it will work. I was thinking and actually hoping that it was a more automated concept that provides the CHs with the ability to consider names without us entering them.

@commulinks I deleted that because I realized I misunderstood your post. I thought you meant entries would be submitted for us, but I think you meant they’re just visible to them without providing ratings.

If this is what you meant than I’d be worried some good names are being viewed and potentially snagged with no way to track it because it was never an actual entry.

I’m really curious to see how this whole thing works :grin:


@Chasity2ku I realized that I had no idea how it would work when I started reading others’ impressions of it. I really did mean that I thought that it would be like a marketplace for CHs to choose names that match their criteria without us doing anything. And then I realized that this is just my impression of what Grant wrote, not necessarily what he meant. I would love for it to be a marketplace where it is passive for us. Where we don’t have to enter them but the CH gets recommendations but I have no idea if that is what it is or not now.

I don’t think that could work because several people could have the same entry as you from different contests, so it can’t automatically enter the entry. I would think it just gives you options of past entries. We have all entered names that say “already entered by another”…so it can’t just automatically insert these into a contest.


I know exactly what you mean @Commulinks. I thought the whole thing seemed pretty cut and dry…now I don’t know what to expect lol

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Hi All,

Thanks for all the great questions and comments.

We’ve posted a much more detailed explanation of the program here, Announcing: Name Genome Project


@Chasity2ku we were both right!

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Just an opinion - I see far less potential issue with making the recommendation appear to the creative as opposed to having them appear to the CH. Any more I rarely participate in non-guaranteed or the smaller contests so names I’ve had registered and not selected if done by the CH has been in guaranteed non-bottom dollar contests. Not that there is really any recourse now, but it sounds like our awareness of potential shady dealings will be greatly decreased ?

Also I see this opening the door for some really ticked off creatives when the algorithm decides to apply a win to a creative for a name entered by numerous creatives (not an issue if the recommendation is shown to the creative because then it’s a first come first served situation - much like it is now) . It is hard to picture how that algorithm can fairly judge that. AWESOME names have been entered into contests where they were extremely fitting for the business or service but the CH has “nah’d” them and names entered in other contests where perhaps they were less fitting but the CH may have been drawn to them and rated them as such. I worry that if the algorithm can not address the thought process/opinions of past CH’s or the accuracy of the information the CH has submitted how fairly it can choose which creative should be awarded? also what are the pitfalls for SH site/staff when the time comes to address things like that? Possible SUGGESTION (although I strongly support showing the recommendations solely to the creative): If the algorithm judged off of original submission date of each name per creative (based on those who opt in) - that might be more understandable/fair when it came to a selection based on an entry entered by multiple creatives. Again just my opinion and hopefully food for thought.

QUESTION: Say I was working on a contest and I wanted to enter Benchmark Ventures - no one had entered it yet but another creative had entered that in a contest previously and it appeared on the recommendations list - DOES that mean I am unable to submit that as an option based on my perception of the brief ? or will my manual entry trump the recommendation entry? IMO (at this moment )Manual should trump recommendation - manual means the creative was there - reading and doing the work at that moment with the specific CH in mind.


I completely agree…The only thing that sounds enticing about auto entries is potentially winning without ever even looking at a contest. How sweet would that be?? But…there are way too many concerns I have about the inner workings of it to opt in at this point.

I’ll prob hang back and wait for user feedback before I participate, if I decide to.

But I’m super excited to have my previous entries recommended to me!! I can’t find any downside to this feature…only ways it’ll help me!

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The way Grant explained in the other string about the Genome Project, the recommendations are not considered an entry in the contest unless the CH imports them. So, in your example, unless the CH has imported the suggestion, yours would be entered. It’s not different than any other entry.

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@Commulinks what happens if you manually enter the name and the name had already been suggested to the CH…
(1) Can the CH import the same name into their contest being unaware that it has been already entered?
(2) Would a pop up tell the CH the name has been already entered?
(3) Would the Creative not be able to enter the manual name because its on the CH suggestion list?
I’m starting to think that this will become very confusing to both the CH and creative
@Grant Maybe SH can somehow show us an example of a CH page. What exactly do they see and what will they see?