Automatic acceptance of NDAs?


Each contest with an NDA makes each user click three times to accept it - I know it’s not a lot, but for example with 200 participants that makes 600 clicks (times the number of other NDAs that they’ll click through that day).

I wish it was a more streamlined process. Maybe an option to accept the NDAs automatically - for example in your profile settings - and later on the contests with NDAs would be labelled as such with text and / or badge and color etc.


@GraphGraph, thanks for the feedback. The NDA acceptance is setup like this by design. This is to protect the confidential information being shared by contest holders. We do not want a situation where a creative provides a blanket acceptance in their profile settings, and later forgets about their obligation to keep the information confidential. Disclosing the confidential information with others can have legal implication and we want the creatives to explicitly accept the NDA before entering every contest.


I understand the reason for the NDA and don’t really have a problem with the process. But I have a question along the same line as the NDA. Are CH’s asked to accept an acknowledgement that they understand there could be legal implications if they were to register a domain name submitted in a contest until they have choose that submission as the winning name?



All CHs are required to explicitly accept Squadhelp Terms of Service, which include several rules, including the fact that they can not register a name without compensating the contestant (either by selecting it as winner, or by paying a bonus for additional names).


Do we have to Accept Cookies? I am seeing a pop up as of today. I’m asking because I don’t like the use of third party cookies. If I don’t accept- how will it affect my status and usage of the site? Thanks!


Hi @Marye5 - Thanks for the question.

First, please note that nothing has changed on the platform. The massage that you are seeing is now showing for informational purposes.

You do have the option to not accept cookies by changing your browser settings. Squadhelp, like most other sites, uses cookies to improve the overall experience of the platform. You may see some degradation in your experience, if you block cookies.