Auto Rejection of previously submitted domains

So, SH says we can resubmit rejected domians which are 90+days old, but it gets rejected right away in 5-10 minutes. Need some explanation here.


I too have noted this. I think the expert reviews persist and that is why they get auto rejected.

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@SmartWebby Then what’s the point of giving us the option?!


For Seller owned domains, the votes are automatically reset when a name is resubmitted. However it looks like there was a glitch in case of certain types of unregistered domain submissions.

This has now been corrected and the internal review votes will be reset even in case of unregistered domains which are submitted without coins.


Thanks grant.

I wish I brought this our earlier. Too much effort wasted :neutral_face:


I tried submitting the same domains now, which were rejected yesterday and today and the system says ‘It was submitted less than 90 days ago’. You need to reset the recent rejected submissions too for this to work.


@Nick If these were recently rejected due to the issue you mentioned, please share the list with the support team so we can enable resubmission on those specific domains.

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First time? I posted about this a while ago, The issue seem to be fixed but i still suspect there’s a small glitch and i’m communicating with SH to make sure everything is right, Hopefully.



It seems that someone did not get your memo that votes will automatically be reset when a name is resubmitted.

I submitted a name and it immediately had 4 expert reviews.

Support told me that, if previously submitted names have less than 8 reviews, the count is not reset.

Could you please help me get the count reset for the name I submitted and adjust this in the system so it doesn’t happen again?