Asking CHs to change to a domain contest after the fact

This is to the other creatives…a sincere request
I would like to ask you not to ask a CH to change their contest to a domain contest after a ton of submissions have already been made. When they actually do it, ALL of our submissions are deleted and invalidated basically. This has happened a couple of times lately and it isn’t fair to contestants who already worked on a contest. Personally, I think this is something that CHs need to be told up front and we are talking about that in another section of the forum. “Tips for Contest holders”


was it me ? I only do that if it says in the brief that they want one but they have actually set up the contest wrong .I did notice a couple that were telling the ch to change eventhough they hadnt mentioned anything

I don’t remember, Jose. I just know that it has happened a couple of times recently, especially after I had submitted a ton of names.

I think it’s OK for contestants to ask CH to change the contest. It’s SH’s job to make sure the transition is a smooth one in every way, for all involved.


But if names have already been submitted, they all get deleted and can’t win because they aren’t domains. I don’t think SH can fix that because they aren’t URLs? I wonder if maybe it would be better if SH questioned that before the contest is launched?

Made my loveit go to nah, but what’s new


@Commulinks I see your what you mean. Hmm, it’s tricky.


I agree. The CH knows what they are asking for, and all don’t require a domain nor care if it is used already in another field or country. I think since they set up the contest, and have the choice to make it a domain contest or not…their wishes should be respected.It is not fair to those who already entered under the domain free terms.


They should know, but each contest is different and each Contest Holder is too. Sometimes the CH isn’t even the decision maker. Sometimes the CH has been asked, perhaps by a boss or a committee, to create a naming contest. Sometime the CH hasn’t even considered if they may need a domain name and sometimes they have.

It can be quite confusing. Just a name or just a domain name? Do I want a strict domain name? Would it be okay to use .co or .org or some other dot? Would it be okay to add a word in front of the actual name? Would it be okay to add a word after the name, and if so which words would be okay? Adding words would make it easier to find a name, but then the name becomes long and unmemorable or even confusing.

However, I have never asked that question. Usually if I have a question, it’s what makes your product/service/whatever different from something else (well known name here). And you know, that question is seldom answered. So, I seldom ask anything public or private. I really believe that some people put more thought into buying a sofa that finding the name for a product/company/service.


It’s definitely true that some CHs don’t make the final naming decision, or make the decision with a committee. There’s been quite a few that thought they explained themselves pretty well, then watched the entries flow in. They soon realized that something(s) needed to be clarified.
Naming can sometimes be like shopping in a store: You go there believing you want a black suit/dress for an event. The salesperson brings out their collection of black suits/dresses in your size, and includes one navy one. The navy outfit is so perfect for you and fits so well, you wonder why you didn’t suggest that color in the first place. And you grab it.


@auntshommy Well said.

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I see what you mean, sorry stick to the brief unless its down right absurd