Art Contest Guy

I’m sorry Dan, I hope I don’t get in trouble but I left a comment for this guy . I was polite.
His last contest, which he never awarded, I gave him some great names all available. “Someone” , I won’t say who, bought every dadgum one. Now he’s back wanting more.
That is just so wrong. And a CH should not be allowed back into SH unless they have awarded their last contest.


Kind of like building a reputation First


@LorinRyle, according to contest holder, they have not found a great name so far, therefore they have launched yet another contest to get some fresh ideas. If the CH does not like any names in a contest, they can either extend the contest (for no additional cost), or choose to launch another contest with slightly more updated brief (in this case they have to pay additional money to launch a new contest). If their sole intention was to “scoop” up more names, they could have simply extended the previous contest for longer duration.

Since it is a guaranteed contest, we will be choosing a winner even in the previous contest. Regarding the specific domains that were registered in your case, if you haven’t done so already, please send those examples to us, so that we can investigate.

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I cant wait until this ones over! 65 twos and counting, lol. I do not get those guys, but congrats and gl to those that did!


I think he wants short names that may be up for auction…but its difficult to enter these, I think we could all end up giving him the same name and its difficult to check if he buys any


I told ya, there is something up with this guy. Constant change in word limit, changes.


@Dan @Janice where did this contest go its not showing up under active?

Short contest forgot) Duh me

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