Are search filters broken?

I generally filter by Tagline contests, but for the past few days, adding the filter hasn’t actually done anything. I assumed maybe it was because there were none, so instead of showing me zero results, it just showed me all the Naming contests, but after scrolling through them, there were several Tagling contests still Open. Is this happening for anyone else?


Same here, normally I stick to the $300 filter and it’s not working same with the tagline filter.

Same here for both. Neither working…

Also if you are looking at contests by ending first for example…normally if you clicked on one of the contests, when you toggled back, it would still take you back to where you were before, in the ending first…but now it reverts back to newest contests, and you have to keep changing it every time to ending first contests. I also have had it revert to all contests, when I have indicated I only want to look at naming contests.What a pain!