Are marketplace submissions no longer reviewed?


I noticed that all that I’ve submitted a few weeks ago are still under ‘pending review’ till today.


Did you use coins to submit them?


Why coins have to play any factor here?
If SH wants to review only names that used coins, why they don’t stop it altogether. Why creatives have to keep following with support now and then about non coin reviews?
SH has to define the timeline range for non coin reviews or stop playing nice and make all submissions totally paid.


If it makes you feel any better, I have a domain submitted on February 21 and it’s still pending review.

But domains that I’ve used coins for have been processed in 1-2 days.


After that first post the review moved a little.


The reviews are very slow on owned domains, it take now 2 weeks!


After the second post suddenly it speeds up. I wonder how long will it stay that way?


Our goal is to review the submissions as quickly as possible. Due to a high number of submission volumes, you might see some fluctuations in review times however we are doing our best to minimize any delays.


And now despite steadily increasing my domain approval percentage suddenly today the number of available unreg slots go down from 15 to 3. What is this?