Approved for Instant Domains -Not


I had a teal/lightblue bar (Instant Recommendation Status) under one of my names in ‘MyEntries’ that said it was approved for instant domains but when I submitted the name it was then not approved. I don’t understand that @grant Can you explain?


@LauraE The light blue bar means it’s been approved for Instant Recommendations (not the Instant Domain Marketplace).

Instant Recommendations can be seen on the screen where you submit an entry. Click the blue button and you’ll see what I mean…

You can also check on your ‘my entries’ page, the status of your domains for Instant Domain or Instant Recommendations.

Sorry for doing you out of a job @grant :stuck_out_tongue:


While this was helpful and definitely well put and explained, I think @LauraE is asking about something a little different. @LauraE, if this is the case, can you explain a little bit more in detail what’s happening, because I think I’m having the same issue, but I want to be sure and an answer would really help. Or did @AbleBrands answer your question?


Thank you @AbleBrands for explaining that to me. I could have sworn it said “Instant Domains” though.


I thought it did too at first! Perhaps Instant Domains should be renamed ‘marketplace’ or something else so there is no confusion.


Hey @rareworthy! Given the news that SH would be viewing our names in MyEntries, and give us indications that they would select names they would approve for Instant Domains, and all we have to do is just submit it (does this make sense?) to have it on the marketplace. As I said to AbleBrands, I thought the teal bar said approved for instant domains. I’m having second thoughts about the marketplace anyway. What if the name doesn’t sell? After the year is up, we would have to buy it before the drop catchers get to it, I guarantee that there are Domainers who are watching the names here in order to do just that.

@AbleBrands,That probably would help.


This is what I’ve found concerning Instant Domains. From what I’ve read, SH has dmay or may not continue to register the name after the one year is up.

How long will my name be listed for?
Squadhelp will pay for the first year of your domain registration costs.
If the domain does not sell within a year, Squadhelp reserves the right to not renew the domain registration.
In that case, the domain registration will expire and the name will go back to the open pool of available domains.
In that case, it will also be removed from Instant Domains at that time.


Maybe we will get a pop-up/push/email letting us know it’s about to expire and will/will not be renewed by SH.
Maybe they could give us first chance to register it?
How does this work @grant @Darpan?


Or perhaps to buy it at the original purchase cost?


Great idea @LisaMac!


See, I have two bars under some of my names, one that have been approved for IDs and IRs or approved for IR and rejected for IDs. I have tried to submit many different types so it shows two bars under those ones usually the teal and a red one because it got rejected as an ID. Or I just have the red one and can still, I guess, submit it as an IR but it has to be approved for this? I don’t know all of this is confusing. I thought any of our names – if we ticked the option on our account, would be offered as an IR automatically and now it seems like I have to go back through my entire entry page of thousands of names and now independently submit them for consideration as IRs? If this is the case, I doubt anyone has the patience/time to do all of this. I think that IDs and IRs should be considered based on many factors, if we can have an algorithm for many other things, why not this? If a name is a certain length, meets certain criteria of fitting several types of industries/businesses and therefore has a better chance of being bought, meets the criteria by SH, but if it doesn’t then if it’s shown to be successful in many contests, or has recieved high ratings, then either system should pick up on this, or we should be able to resubmit every 30 days or something because market trends and needs evolve, change, and the type of domains that were wanted via mass consideration 3 monhs ago are not the type of domains people want now. Anyhow these are just ideas, otherwise, I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve given up, for many reasons on this. I saw this as a great idea that would allow those of us that have good ratings, good standing, good ‘quality’, etc yet don’t win often at all – to have a way to keep our foot in the door and at least do something, but it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.