Applying Discounts and Sorting (low to high)

I had brought this up before, but I realise it needs to be looked into. All of us apply Discounts on our domains to increase visibility, but SH doesn’t sort them with DISCOUNTED price, when sorted from Low To High. It remains later in the queue, sorted with LISTED price, even after the applied Discount.

Example : Seller looking for a domain within $1700 They click on the category and sort ‘low to high’ and get till the fifth page from which list prices of $1800 start. But, then they actually miss some 100 discounted domains which are selling for less than $1700 because they will never see it. I hope it’s clear.

@grant had mentioned that it is by intention to keep the premium aspect of marketplace in mind. How? I mean SH may miss sales because of this. Also, it defeats the very purpose of discounts.

I checked Amazon and other Marketplaces, the Discount is factored in for sorting.

Let me know what you guys think. If you support my point, kindly put a note, so that enough traction is gained to justify the very purpose of discounts.


I am a supporter of this.


I’m not sure what should be done, but I do think it is odd when you select the “discount” section, the first few names that show up are like $20,000 names. Not that the names aren’t worth those prices, but I just think most people browsing that section are looking for a bargain, and 5 figure prices probably aren’t going to cut it. Why not arrange that section by price, or at least add a way to search for a specific price range within the discount listings?


I guess people looking for Discounts in their price range have to filter by price range first, and then category, and then select Discount. Phew! It would be simpler, if Discounts are taken into consideration for low to high, as most buyers do select ‘low to high’.

It’s like SH is saying, here are all domains from low to high, Please choose. And there are more if you have great observation skills, because we have kept it all in the Discount section. It’s more like saying if you wanna get to DISCOUNTED domains, you SEEK them, SH is not gonna let you know (when sorted by low to high) Na Na Na Nope! And we creatives apply Discounts to increase visibility and sales.


I agree with @Nick - if my names are discounted I would like for them to appear based on the current discounted price. Thanks for bringing this up Nick!


@grant We gotta resolve this. If we apply discounts and it doesn’t show up where it should, it will not be justified. Please see if you can change it to the logical scenario.

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