Apartment complex re-awarded

I’m sorry (and no offense cymberliegh) but how did this contest get re-awarded without a “get your best entries in”…I was certain myself or songslurp would have taken that win, being the only 5 and 4 stars, but if there were no best entries…what’s the deal with re-awarding with no notice???

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@jackieheraty, we worked with the CH to pick a new winner. While we can not disclose the details our investigation, we awarded the contest to the contestant who submitted the same name (which the previously disqualified winner had submitted). Since the CH is actually planning on using this name, there was no need for requiring best entry nominations in this case. We are still working on the second contest, and depending upon the outcome, we may require best entry nominations - in which case we will post it here.

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Ok, good enough I guess

I was wondering how the same name got in there !


That’s exactly what I was going to ask!

what happened t’ t’other

Yes, what about the other

We are awaiting some information from CH. If we don’t hear back in next 48 hours, we will invite best entries for this contest.

Also, regarding the duplicate entry for first contest- we had a glitch in case of multiple words (with spaces). The duplicate check didn’t work correctly if there was an extra space in the name. This allowed the second entry to be submitted in this case. We have fixed the issue since then.

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sorry - Adams edge -No - its on adams not on the edge

When I have travelled to any given tower, it is usually high and exciting when you get close to the edge. This was my thought on this name. I didn’t expect to win, however, very thankful.


nothing personal I like about one in 20 of the winning names lol…Im sure you arent keen on some of them either lol

Sometimes I dont even like my winning names

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I didn’t take it personally, I just thought I’d share my reasoning since you shared yours, I’m not too edgy😃 You always have amazing names.

who me ? no not amazing