Anyone know? : )

Hey Community!

Just got an email-- and I had no idea this was even a thing. My old entry was imported into a contest, but it’s not apart of the domain registry.

The message says:
Your entry, was automatically recommended in the contest…
The contest holder has liked the suggestion and imported it to their contest entries. This does not guarantee that your entry will be selected by the winner, however we thought we would let you know that the entry has now been added to the contest entries page.
If you do not wish to receive this email, you can change your notification preferences in your account.

What feature is this apart of through SH?

-Thanks Peeps!

Scout, SH implemented this a while ago and you must have opted into it. CHs are presented with names (instant recommendations I think they call it). You don’t have to submit your name for them to see it. Like it says, the CH can choose to import your name as an entry. Good for you!

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Awesome! Thank you Clinks! :fallen_leaf:

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