Anyone in florida

Greetings… ANyone else out there in FLorida… The rain has been just out of control. THANKS SO MUCH for SQUADHELP because it is helping me get thru all of this bad weather and taking care of rescue animals… it has been rouugh , wet , damp and then some… Stay dry and Happy Memorial Day to ALL as we remember those who have made a difference tomorrow. IMPACT THE FUTURE!!!


Most of my family has relocated to Florida but I’m in NYC Vive, but we’ve had the t-storms too. Just ducky! lol
Glad to hear I’m not the only one who has the need to help animals. I mostly help cats, but I do have a baby grey and a baby black squirrels who somehow have lost big parts of their tails. They are Learning to balance with much trial and error.


Not quite as much as Florida, but Alabama is experiencing a wet Memorial Day, too! Happy to have it though, it’s been HOT this past week. Always great to hear about the work you do @Vivegoodkarma, I just have one grumpy blue heeler but I wouldn’t trade him for anything. :slight_smile:

In the Sunshine State Capital over here! Completely water logged! HA! If April Showers bring May Flowers, what does May Showers bring? :hibiscus::blossom::cherry_blossom::sunflower:

We ACTUALLY got LUCKIER than what I thought was going to be a disaster… I am over in St. Augustine and we were spared alot of rain. While it was wet it was definitely rough… But I guess MAY showers win bring JUNE flowers :slight_smile:

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[quote=“Alphaomega808, post:4, topic:2827”]
…If April Showers bring May Flowers, what do MayFlowers bring?[/quote]

Pilgrims! :wink:


Honey Bees and Blooming Trees out my window I see


:umbrella::mountain: Perfection!!! @AlwriteyThen I just crack myself up! Are we creative geniuses or what?! Maybe my brain is floating after one month of continuous rainfall :laughing:


I love love love the creativity in this room! :sunflower::evergreen_tree:

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You’re close to shore too! Glad you are spared - its beginning to bum my mood. This is week 4 of rain each day… RainRain Go Away, Come back… like next year!

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It seems like you guys got really bad weather in the gulf area :frowning: We just got another round… LOL I spent 2 days taking out about 2k lbs of HORSE POOP!!! in the rain… LOL then at times come in for a SQUADHELP AC BREAK

So far today, no rain. Definite gray clouds and expected showers later on. The Gulf got the brunt of this constant rain, I agree, and we are just water logged. The storms that don’t land on shore are always blown inland, and we usually get some sort of rain shower everyday bout 4 o’clock. Strangest thing. I cannot believe we are a week out from Hurricane Season! Our land is soaked and my favorite Old Oaks are falling from saturation. Hurricane Hermine was my first hurricane and she most definitely made an impression! Good Luck to all the southerners and the oceanfront states in prepping for another season!

I was gonna say allergies, but your response… genius


Oh but you “rain” true with your answer as well! Allergies are the worst here! Constant new bloom all year