Anyone else having this issue?

I am unable to enter any names in contests.Everytime I try…it just says “waiting for SH” at the bottom…then it takes a few minutes…then it goes to the entry page and says “congrats for entering”,etc…but then no entry is submitted. Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes! Arrrgh! SH has been notified!

Yes when I hit submitt it just keeps loading. My withdraw entry feature has stopped also. I sent message via blue button.

I notified them like 45 minutes ago too…but so far they haven’t seen my message or responded.

Same here hollygirl. .nothing is working :frowning:,I can’t submitt, delete or anything. @Dan.HELP!!!

It’s been 2 hours now…and they still haven’t seen my message…so I am wondering if that is down too.Shoot! I guess there’s going to be a handful of contests I wanted to enter before they closed that I am just out of luck on,cuz it’s bedtime now. Rats!!!