Any Stats on Shortlisted Domain Names?

I am newer to Squadhelp, so I am curious to know if there are any stats around the percentage of a domain name being shortlisted, to it being sold. I searched the forum and could not find it.

For example, I have one name that has been shortlisted 5 times (18.52%). To me, that would make it seem more likely to be sold since roughly 1 in 5 has shortlisted it. Are there any of those types of stats out there or does anyone have any experience they would care to share regarding their shortlist experiences up against sales?


Not sure if this is helpful, but several of my SH owned domains have 200+ shortlists, but I have not yet sold any of them. I hope you have a faster sale rate, I wish you the best!


Not what I was hoping to hear :slight_smile: but I do appreciate the feedback.

Wishing you success as well!


Hi BrandsEmerge and welcome to SH!

I wanted to pipe in because I am a stats-lover. I have kept a lot of data on my shortlists and sales and tried to figure this very thing out. Turns out, there is no rhyme or reason. Your shortlisted name looks very promising because 18.52% is VERY high. That does help to get some idea of how popular a name is. But the funny thing is: from what I have seen, that rarely plays a role in sales (or mine anyway). What does is the right buyer finding the name here, which is silly and obvious but it seems to be true. I have sold names that have been shortlisted 20-215 times. I’ve sold names that didn’t have a shortlist for well over a week. (I keep track). I have also NOT sold names that were enormously popular in a single month.

One of the cool things SH has on the marketplace dashboard is that when you sell a name, it shows you what other names the buyer searched before purchasing yours. I have found that really interesting.

We all need a crystal ball, that’s for sure. I am always excited to see which of my names is “next” to be purchased and they are all over the place in terms of industries, etc.


Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. This data does sound like insightful data, so I look forward to seeing it when I make my first SH sale.

Have a great day!

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I didn’t know we could see any specific data on sales. Where is this shown @Commulinks ? I searched in my sold domains section and transfer center but didn’t find any details about the buyer searches before they bought the domains.


@SmartWebby I know with one my recently sold names, you could see other names the buyer viewed first on the transfer center page. I don’t know if that’s what Commulinks is referring to or not.


Oh wow yes it is there in the right bottom of the sale details page! I never even noticed it. Thanks!


You need enter to Transfer Center, choose sold domain (push View detals) and you see Buyer Insights statistics. I didn’t have time to write to you, as you discovered it yourself


It’s pretty cool, eh? Some of mine are really fun because it gave me a clue as to what the buyer was going to use the name for. Others have me baffled!