Any good tips to winning logo contests?

OK, so I’m not using the latest PhotoShop™ or similar graphic program to create my logos for contests (I use PhotoFiltre Studio X™ - a pretty good program, actually).

And, maybe I’m not “thinking modern” enough…? So many logos I submit get poor ratings (if they’re rated at all). It can be frustrating, not to mention discouraging…these things take time and creative energy, right?

Anyway, if anyone who has actually won (or come close?) any contests for logos wouldn’t mind sharing some basic tips, tricks, and hints toward improving my odds, it would surely be most appreciated.

Not that I hope to undermine the ‘competition’…just wondering if it’s just ME, not following some kind of simple ‘rules of thumb’, etc.

Thanks, in advance…to any who can help.

there is very little guidance about what they actually want in a lot of the logo contests- plus we cant see the type they are liking .It all takes rather too long for the money so I dont bother very often unless its just a basic one that requires a script and not much else :wink:

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