Any chaching today?


It’s the last day of every month and the 15th so hopefully yes. As long as it’s not a holiday or weekend.


Any hope of chaching? Although I don’t have any abandoned contest


It has started, and I’m surprised to receive very early even though I don’t have any active rating contest abandon


It’s cha- ching day…good luck everyone!!


It is possible that not today … Recently, this sometimes happens a day or two later. Nevertheless, I also wish everyone good luck! :slight_smile:


Should happen today. It usually wont happen if the 15th falls on a holiday or weekend (Sat & Sun)


i hope, i hope…:yum:


OK. Today - my lovely day.
I got some money by the way!


@Edukar…Congratulations…but I don’t believe it’s from cha-ching- I don’t see the banner indicating cha ching in progress😃


It’s just over already @Marye5. The banner was there earlier today.


Thank you, I wish you many victories in contests!


Well drat!! I don’t how I missed that :confounded:thanks for telling me.


What happened to our chaching today?
Edit: It has started. Good luck everyone.


Is it over???/ UGH!


Yes sadly it finished a little bit ago :frowning:


Bad Cha-ching! I have 3 contests, all over 2 months still not awarded :smirk:


Same as mine @Nick mine is even more than 2 contest staying beyond 2 months, I have the one of 4 months already, it’s a bit frustrating most especially when you are on thumb down Winning months


I hope @grant can look into this. This whole 2+ months thing is in some sense similar to supposed money received late for a service completed earlier. Add to that the uncertainty of winning buck(s).


Thanks for your feedback. If there are outstanding issues in contests, we allow for additional time to resolve them appropriately. For example, if a domain is reported as registered in a contest, and we determine that there is a very good possibility (based upon partial who-is information) that the name might have been registered by the CH, we continue to followup with the CH to resolve the issue before closing the contest. This is just one example of many situations which might be quite complex and might take additional time to resolve.

We will continue to find ways to reduce the time taken for awarding these contests, but at the same time, we want to focus more on addressing the underlying reasons that lead to abandoned contests in the first place. Screening of new creatives is one such major initiative which requires a lot more resource investment on our end, but will likely help reduce the abandoned contests .


@grant If SH would post updates on why a contest is taking so long you probably wouldn’t have to address this concern so often :slight_smile: