Any cha-ching today?

@Name4u You also may receive a graffiti animation when visiting the site. You also can go into your dashboard and check your public profile (where it will show you if you have a current balance), go to your Earnings Page which is under your transactions, or even your Activity Feed (where you’ll see not only your ratings but also if you win a contest or a contest has been chosen as a split which you’re a part of. Note: It always helps to watch your Contests Page so you’re able to keep an eye on the contests you’ve entered and here you can see your contests you’ve won, ones you’ve received splits for or some type of payment from (Awarded tab) and which ones that have closed because CHs and SH can end a contest at any time. Your active contests, ones that are still either open or in deliberations will be found under the ‘Pending’ tab, and if you’ve clicked the button on contests to ‘Add to Watch List’, you can find the list of these under the ‘Watching’ tab.

:+1:t4: Hope this helps!


what is chaching?..