Any cha-ching today?


Looking forward to Cha-Ching in a few days


Happened? Happening? HappeNOT?


No, because today is a Holiday in the US.


Any word on Cha Ching today?


I haven’t seen any and no banner


Got one. So it’s on. Hoping for more…


I was expecting some today and haven’t had any. I wonder if it is over or not. I really don’t like this system. We shouldn’t be in the dark about any of this.


I got one too, but no email yet @Commulinks


I got one about an hour ago but no email. I haven’t received an email for any of my chachings in ages (like months).


…I never see the banner anymore…used to when I would get picked I would see the banner,but never got the emails…just saw a slight increase in balance,if I was lucky enuff 2b split-in…a rare occurrence these days…kim chi-chinga!)


Is there a cha Ching today?


There should be. Usually when the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday in the US, it moves to the next business day.


Yes the cha ching has started


Are you seeing the banner? I’m not,which I only have a single entry that could even be considered.

adding: as your post was 22hrs ago,I may have missed it?


No did not see the banner. But received split award that’s why I know it started and thought I’d say it.


Cool Thanks…



Any Cha-Chings today?? given that yesterday was 15th and was a Sunday.


Yes the cha ching has started!