Any cha-ching today?


Will there be Cha-ching today? Or did I miss it?


There was a cha-ching yesterday afternoon.


Yeah there was a day before and I’m afraid you missed it


Hi everyone,
If you see the chaching running today, can you post here? I haven’t been seeing the chaching banner and I don’t have a ton of contests in the queue so it is hard for me to know if it ran or not. Thanks everyone.


@Commulinks, it’s started.


Anyone know if it’s today? I hope so!


I’m pretty sure it won’t be until Monday. I think it is the 1st and 15th but if those days fall on a holiday or weekend, then it is the next business day.


In December it was on the 31st…


oh ok! Well, I haven’t seen it start yet but I have not been seeing the banners lately.


Yeah me neither. I wish that the cha Ching could happen a few days before the first on the month!


I just asked using the blue button, it’s going to be on Monday. Damn it. It would be best to get paid BEFORE the first of the month!


That’s because it was the last day of the year (tax reasons)


It seems to have started, though nothing receive yet, but the number of my pending contest has drastically reduced. Any body with a split yet?


Yap, started. Got a nice unexpected split


A contest I have been waiting for 2 months for where I was shortlisted and it was $300 was suddenly cancelled. I know I checked this weekend and it was still pending. It was a tagline contest and I had “high” hopes for it.
My question- why are creatives not paid when a contest has sat there for 2 months? It should not matter whether it’s guaranteed or not, it sat there for 2 months while Squadhelp has their money. There should NOT be a return policy on something that was abandoned.
@grant Grant, does Squadhelp have any plans on changing this issue? When it is no fault on your part or ours, they should not have their money refunded.


I know the contest you are talking about as I’m fortunate to have a shortlist as well @LorinsEggshells but the contest holder does not guarantee the contest which simply mean he or she can claim the refund anytime. Since the contest holder might file for a refund, it will be unwise for squad help to award the split for creatives


Muy, but they can change the rules. There is no reason when it is not the fault of Squadhelp or their creatives a refund should not be given. I can’t go in to have a 3 course meal and even though the meal was perfect get a refund. I just think it sends a bad message to other potential customers.


Is Cha Ching still going on? I am still waiting for a contest that started in November and I have 2 shortlisted in that one and some that ended in middle December…I don’t understand how some contest lasts as long as that since it went into pending mode…
Update since posting; some money is sprinkling in so I have my answer now!


I think the point is for the customer if they aren’t sure about what type of service they’ll get they pick the option of non guaranteed knowing they’ll get less participation. For creatives we have the option of simply not participating. The way I go about it is I focus more on the guaranteed and the non guaranteed, if I can think of a good name, I’ll submit one but I don’t usually spend that much time on them!


It was weird today. There was 6 hours between my first one and my last one.