Another Suggestion - Duplicate Names

Hi @Dan,

I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while. It would be beneficial to have a duplicate name checker where you enter your business name. I submitted an altered generic type of name last week, only to find out now, that name was a winner some time ago!

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This would be a great answer for the winning name delima. If the name was never registered then it should be free for us to resubmit right?

I just saw that a name I submitted was a winning name a year ago. I guess it is okay as long as it is not trademarked, but I would hate for anyone to think I copied the name!

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I just had the same thing happen! It was a name I came up with out of my head,but I guess I was on the same wave length as another namer.I withdrew my name from the contest, as the CH had seen it but not rated.I had checked to see if it was a free domain before submitting it (it was)…but since it was a prior winner in another contest before I joined SH…I didn’t feel free to use it.I wasn’t sure what the rules were, and how that person would feel if it won.

You are better than me! I left the name since it was one of 4 highly rated names. It was just a misspelling of an adjective the client used in describing their company. (I know I came up with it legitimately, so I feel okay about leaving it, just hate for the other guy to think I stole the idea.) The contest closed a few weeks ago, so who knows if they will even pick a winner. @Dan, is there a policy on this? I mean, a name like Elite Wealth management is probably submitted every time there is a WM company (I know, because I often submit it!) Once it wins, should we no longer submit that name? The companies could be on different continents…