Another One for the Wishlist

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Or how about a sliding scale ‘likeometer’ for the CH. It starts out red for the least liked names and gets progressively lighter red as they move the slider until it moves into the green territory for the best liked names. Practical to implement? No idea, but hey, as long as we’re dreaming. :blush: At least we’d have a better idea of exactly how much they loved or hated our names.


I’d still like a button for the contestants to give feedback on the CHs.

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I’d like a button on the winning entries to give feedback on the Creatives. :no_mouth:

Interesting tr like a slider bar from 0 to 100%? In terms of they like it

Yeah, only my brain was more focused on the color aspect of it ,butt you’re right, it would have to have some sort of numerical value associated with it as well or it would be really hard to quantify for statistical purposes like percentages and the leaderboard.

Don’t you think it kinda be tedious on the part of the CH


I’m not sure since I’m not really sure what the ‘rating side’ of things look like from the CH point of view. But what I’d envisioned doesn’t really seem like it would require any more energy than it takes right now for them to click on the Love it, Like it,or No Thank Yous.It would simply be a matter of clicking on the slider and moving it to the right or left to indicate the color/ (or percentage) that they’d like to assign. Like I said, I’m not sure how practical it would be, it was just a thought .Ok, enough brainstorming for me. :wink: