Another Newbie Question


Hi folks, I’m very new here. One thing that’s been bugging me this month: NEVERMIND
I’m sure that SquadHelp must have figured out a way to prevent this from happening, but I wanted to find out how they do it.



Hey Edge… welcome to the gang. My response to your question is going to give you a hint: Please reconsider this post. The is a PUBLIC forum. (Wink wink…know-what-I’m-saying? Nobody needs to get any ideas…


Thanks for your reply, but I’m not sure I understand. Are you saying that those things I mentioned can (and if they can, surely they do) happen and there no way to stop it?

And with this being a public forum - does that mean anyone can read it even if they aren’t logged in to the site? .


She means CHs and Creatives can read comments in the forum. As to your question, you can report a name registration if one occurs, and Squadhelp will follow up as best as they can. If you have high quality names you wish to protect, you always have the option of registering them yourself or submitting them to the marketplace for approval.


Do people who work for Squadhelp ever answer questions here? I’d like to get more clarity on this. It’s not that I want to register names myself, I just wouldn’t want to be spending my time making up names so that someone else could harvest them. So I’m wondering what measures are in place to prevent that, and what recourse SquadHelp has if it does happen, because even if they followed up with the person, what really what could they do?


Hi and welcome! You can check the forum for similar topics. SH would not sue contest holders, if that’s your question. I must say that it happened to me twice to be 100% sure that contest holders registered the name and in both occasions I got paid (maybe I’ve been lucky).


Hey there, thanks for your reply!

I wasn’t asking if SH sues contest holders, what I want to clarify is if there’s anything that SH does to prevent such things from happening.

From the answers I’m getting it doesn’t seem that there is? Is that correct?

I’m used to working on spec, and having people read my work before deciding if they want to buy, but the writers union prevents them from using my work without paying me, so I don’t worry about it when I write scripts.

But I’m guessing there’s no way of preventing unscrupulous people taking advantage of all the spec work we do here trying to sell names?


Integrity; that is the only thing that can prevent it.

The CH does have the ability to download all name suggestions, which allows them to share with others that may need to be part of their decision process.

Many contests launched on here have been by other marketing individuals/companies, looking for names for their clients, not every contest is launched directly by the business owner.

Contests held on here are private to the degree that other creatives cannot see your entries, to my knowledge, only the SH team and the CH have access.

Use your best judgement, or register any names you feel are creative enough to warrant protection.


I think that Annie’s answer sums it up well, unfortunately :slight_smile: Might be a great thing to have SH delete all these topics on this subject, maybe, and send every creative some info about this at registry or something like that (otherwise, off course, we’ll keep talking about it).


Thanks Annie. That’s more on point with what I was wondering. Do we know if CH’s have to sign anything agreeing only to use names they’ve paid for, and not to share the names with those not involved with the naming process? I mean, it still wouldn’t prevent some folks, but at least it’s something.