Announcing Squadhelp VIP Domainer Program

We are pleased to announce a new program for Domainers who maintain more than 100 seller-owned listings on the SH Premium Domain Marketplace.

If you are considering listing 100+ seller owned domains, this is a great opportunity to receive additional benefits and even more favorable commission rates.

You can learn more about the VIP Domainer program here:

A review of our standard Marketplace commission rates, as well as all the benefits of listing your domains with us, are described on this page:

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Thank you. I was really hoping SH would do something like this. Unfortunately, I don’t think I qualify… I am so sad about that. I have 199 premium listings but I think only about 60 are domains I own… unless you also include Basic Plus listings… I would love for there to be a tier for people like me and that it included discounts on renewals.


@Grant, I am curious to know if SH has considered those of us who have been here form the beginning, with proven SH names that we have diligently entered into the marketplace. It seems as though all of SH’s “marketing” and bonuses are for unproven outsider domainers instead of those of us who have been here all along, plugging away, buying domains for your marketplace and continuing to be loyal to SH. Is there a "bonus’; for us? I am sure that others are like me and have moved their portfolios from other marketplaces over the SH and have invested lots of money, I as I have, to get names into SH’s marketplace. Those of us who have been here have been “rated” on our names by past performance as opposed to the newbie domainers coming from other platforms with no proven record of success on SH. I would appreciate knowing how SH views us. These newbies are competition for those of us who stood by SH all along and that is fine because from what I can see, outsider domainers can have some pretty high minded ideas about what their domains are actually worth in the real word of selling real names, especially to the small business owners who love SH. It seems to me that we SH creatives are better tapped into what they want. But hey, I get why SH wants to engage with the domainers that are better than us. I would just really like to see SH recognize the rest of us… Thanks


i know the competition is more intense now, not only from the inside but outside too. :sweat:



Completely agree with @Commulinks

For those of us that have supported and built up the marketplace already, do we get these extra benefits too?


Hi All,

Thank you for your comments. As our Marketplace grows, our goal is to ensure that we have the best collection of brandable names across all points since we continue to see significant customer demand. As a result, we will continue to offer additional benefits to attract more participation and further build out the marketplace.

While the VIP Domainer program is designed for those people who may have a large portfolio of domains, we are working on additional programs that will allow Creatives to use their amassed Squadhelp points to receive exclusive benefits within the Marketplace … more to come.

One of the core premises of the Marketplace from the beginning has been to add incremental benefits and monetization options to our creative community. One great benefit available to engaged Creatives is the ability to leverage the Basic Plus Listing on names that have received positive feedback in contests. If you register a domain that has already received two or more high ratings and submit it as a Basic Plus listing, the name will automatically be featured in the Premium Marketplace at one of the best commission rates. This is a great way to capitalize on your contest participation.

In the near future, we will be announcing additional updates that benefit our creative community.


Is this a new thing? Definitely a nice option.

It’s good to hear that there will be additional benefits to the creative community. Since you guys are making considerable efforts to add existing domainers, I hope that you guys will settle on a good marketplace size and not continue to add tens of thousands of domains and become over-saturated. One of the main problems some of your competitors have is over-saturation. They have tens of thousands of domains listed. Most don’t sell and won’t sell so the more there are- the worst things become for existing sellers, especially the ones with small portfolios. Growth and giving clients a wide selection are positive, but IMO any store, virtual or non-virtual, needs to find the right balance between supply and demand. At this point SH is nearing 10K domains. I hope you guys will find the right point to slow down so all sellers, big and small, can have a decent chance to sell their domains.


I share your concern, for me this is mainly contest platform, not so much domain marketplace, but marketplace part of it gained big momentum recently and it seems it’s not slowing down any time soon.


I agree. I’m not a professional domainer, so maybe I lack the perspective to understand, but the advantage of the Squadhelp marketplace clearly seems to be the curated aspect. I know there’s been a lot of discussion about how they are encouraging domainers to bring their listings here to meet the demand of customers, but I’m worried that if Squadhelp continues to attempt to list “something for everyone” the marketplace will slip into a kind of Wal-Mart mentality. And obviously someone with only a few listings will run the risk of having their names swallowed up in a vast inventory. Personally, if I can’t average at least one sale every two-three months, I’m not sure if I can justify the renewal costs.


@Grant, I SO appreciate your response and I am excited again about what is next for us! Thank you!

@moretal couldn’t agree more. It’s why I left “other” platforms.

@raresfarcas it’s not new but it works great!


@moretal @AvramChe @ALDaisy1

Thank you for your feedback! We completely agree. We remain committed to a highly curated domain marketplace. At this time, we have an 8% acceptance rate.

With regard to our Marketplace growth, for the first year of the Marketplace rollout, we focused primarily on Level 1 names (see below).

We are continuing to experience strong demand for higher value domains; and therefore Level 2 - 3 names are one of the focus areas of our marketplace expansion.

Excerpt from our recent article:

Level 1 Names: $1000 – $3,000
Many premium domains fit into this tier, and a domain budget of a few thousand dollars will get you far. It will allow you to purchase a unique premium domain that is strong and memorable, but may include intentional misspellings, mashups, transmutations, or made up words. Ellesti and TheoryNine are examples of solid names within Level 1.

Level 2 Names: $3,000-$30,000
Very short domains and domains using powerful words are often priced from $3,000-$30,000. Names like HealthHero are powerful and pragmatic, while Brivio is short, versatile, and memorable.

Level 3 Names: $60,000+
This level includes single-English word .com and other highly coveted domains that command a high pricetag.

Please note, the above is a simple breakdown to help give context. It is in no way a representation of our pricing strategy. As we expand our Marketplace to include more Level 2 and Level 3 names, our focus will continue to be highly curated.