Announcing - Seller to Seller Marketplace


I have idea. Sometimes I wanna buy some old domains belong to SH but I don’t like SH comission (f.e. 22.5% of Selling Price). It would be great if we can choose new comission and SH team can approve or not it


I’m trying to offload some of my expiring names but how does one post a list to you? Post here? PM?

AFAIK there’s no way to sort wholesale names by expiry date…


Do you have them in the seller to seller marketplace? I believe it shows your name on them if you do. If not, then go to your dashboard and enter your wholesale prices - there’s tab for that - and they will be listed in the s2s marketplace.


I have just listed them there (including some newer names), but when I checked any wholesale name I can’t click on the seller’s name to see more from that specific seller. And there’s no way to search according to seller’s name either. I’m just trying to offload my current premium portfolio, why must SH make it so hard?


i sold one wholesale marketplace domain, i put price just $12, when i choose that i read that i will get like $11.35, then why i only got $7.


I am confused about this as well. I sold 2 for 15 and got 10.


Just got reply from one of CS, she said I see that the team’s working on fixing this issue. You should receive $11.35 and not $7 in this situation. We’ll have an update in the next few days.