Announcing - Seller to Seller Marketplace


@GibbonTake Thanks for your feedback. At this point all messaging related issues should be resolved. If you still experience any issues, please let us know and we will look into them right away.

@DaveP you can send your offer by clicking on the “Contact Seller” link on the domain landing page.


@Grant - should we choose to pull a name from the seller to seller marketplace do we just change the price to $0 or is there another way to do this?


For anyone else who is wondering this - YES, set your price back down to $0 this will remove it from the marketplace, same if you purchase one, when you get it ensure it is no longer showing a price for this listing method. It is suppose to reset during transfer but sometimes does not - easy fix if you catch it soon enough.


@grant just wanted to let you know that there may be a glitch in the listing system. I’ve added a couple of basic plus listings, some I’ve never even attempted to upgrade to premium, anyways I first tried adding them to the S2S MP on the 11th - I’ve reset and re-added a few others as well and they have never shown up as listings on the new marketplace.


Yes. And basics don’t appear at all. I added all of mine a while ago. Not there. I am guessing because basics aren’t even listed in the main marketplace.


Looks like some popped up within the last few hours. At least one of mine from earlier (I didn’t scroll through them all so they may all be there) , maybe this has now been fixed?


Yes, I see mine now!


A few weeks ago I purchased a name in the seller to seller marketplace. It took 5 days to complete the transaction. The problem was the seller to seller messaging system. Sometimes there were notification emails and other times now. Sometimes replies were view-able by the other party sometimes not. This caused a lot of miscommunication and delayed the process. I had to contact SH support to get the transfer done. Hopefully this has been/or can be remedied.

My other comment is that sellers are asking prices that are way, way too high. Normal market value for Premium Domains owned by sellers is 1% to 2%. I’m hopeful that over time sellers will become more sensible about their pricing and the marketplace will be more active :slight_smile:


Gibbon, I am curious, are you talking about creative-owned domains or SH owned? I ask because my SH owned purchases were basically done instantly.


Is there any success in selling basic domains too? I’ve got 2 domains on other marketplaces that I would like to sell, as they get close to expiration and I’m not in a point where I can afford extra investments in domaining. Was thinking of 25 USD or so(tax is 5 USD, right?). Most likely I’m not able to share the names here, I suppose (I would love to do that, in order to get opinions about chances to sell)


Hi Rare…
In the seller to seller marketplace you may be able to see them. But in basic alone… you can’t list anything for $25… SH takes I think $400 on every basic sale… the name has to be listed for more than $40…

In seller to seller, your names really need to be names that can sell on Squadhelp (accepted to premium or at least basic plus)

You CAN list them in Basic and use them in contests for the contest prize…or list them in Basic Plus for a prize that goes to buyers when you sub to contests.


Oh, thank you so, so much for taking the time to help me!As those expire in 2-3 months, I believe I’m better off selling them somewhere else (one of them takes one month to get it off one of the platform it’s published on, from what I remember). Thanks again and have a wonderful day!


Thank you for sharing this, GibbonTake. I’m wondering now if this is the problem I’m experiencing, as I purchased a seller-owned domain a couple days ago, and the seller messaged me almost right away, then I messaged him back… and then nothing for two days.


And, sure enough, I tried sending another message and then magically two more messages from the seller that hadn’t been visible to me before appeared.

Edit: Then when I sent another reply, yet another message from the seller appeared from 2 days ago that wasn’t visible before. And now somehow all of those messages have disappeared once again and all I can see are the first two messages we sent to each other!


If SH is using the same messaging system that we use to send messages to CHs or creatives, that system hasn’t worked in a REALLY long time.


Time to get it fixed. This is kind of vital to the seller to seller marketplace working.


I guess it wasn’t clear in my original post… - my transaction was seller to seller and more than one message that was sent between us was not received either via email or via our SH dash. This created inertia and a 5 day delay in the domain being transferred to my registrar.


Sorry to hear that. That message system has been broken a long time… but I imagine nobody told SH before because we didn’t use it that often.


Are there any plans to allow us to make offers for domains in the seller marketplace?

I see some that are like low $xxx price and I think hmm maybe I would offer them $50 - 75 for the name.



I’ve also experienced big issues with the message system with a buyer. Hope it will be fixed someday.