Announcing - Seller to Seller Marketplace


Much respect to you too @Commulinks and it’s cool not to agree too. However, if I’m a buyer and I learn that a domain was registered a week ago (which means that it was available for $8 a week ago) and now the price is $2000… let’s say chances of a purchase are much lower. And if I learn that someone else is being offered that domain (or others) for $25 while I’m expected to pay $2000 then I would laugh at the whole prospect and go look elsewhere. I’m probably not the only person in the world who would feel that way so… why feed sellers with information that might potentially cause doubt or deter them from buying?

Now, with all due respect to ideas… ideas are endless. Handregistered domains are almost always quite easy to replace with alternatives. Add a letter, change a letter. Replace a word with another similar word. If it’s available in 2019, you can be sure that it’s not the top of the crop. Those have been taken long ago and are being bought/sold in the aftermarket for high prices that sometimes get close to what end users are paying. Expiring great ones are also being bought by investors before they become available again. I don’t know how much you try to sell domains via landing pages but I personally had some buyers who tried to dispute prices based on the domain’s age. I’m not disputing that in some cases HorsePucky can be the perfect name for a specific company even if it was registered 15 seconds ago. I’m just saying and know for a fact that sometimes too much transparency isn’t helpful for sales. For the same reason, on products in stores you don’t find labels showing how much they cost to the manufacturer.

Anyway… I’m not that worried about this to be honest. I’m just too opinionated for my own good. :slight_smile:


I do see your point of view. I guess in the end it would have helped if this forum had a section only for creatives as we’ve asked for many times. I understand the issue. And we are in the same boat…I am obviously opinionated as well. :heart_eyes:


@Grant… can the date a name was added be put into the listings? Also, when they renew if it is different?


Is there any Specific Area where SH creators can list their SH-owned-Premium listings, Creator-Owned-Premium Listings and Basic plus listings separately so that buyers can browse and find Domains posted by specific creator ?

If i want to show all my " Seller-Seller Market Place " domains that i wish to sell to visiting creators, where should i post them ?


@grant These questions may have an obvious answer, if so I have managed to miss them :slight_smile:


  1. Will the established commissions be shown on these listings??
  2. How long does it take to be added to the “buyers” marketplace listings?


I must be missing something. Where is the wholesale price. I only see the price which is the same as marketplace.


@Hawkeye I can see the wholesale price on some names, but others, when you go to the landing page, it shows regular price. I’m wondering if maybe the wholesale price disappears once the name is purchased, only somehow the listing isn’t disappearing?


Thanks. Just tried the link I received today (again) and the wholesale prices are now there. Same link link earlier was showing full prices. Curious but now working.


@Commulinks The listing date has now been added. For SH registered domains, the renewal date is typically around the one year anniversary of the listing date (however you can also send a message to the seller to confirm before purchasing)

@grkdomains You can add wholesale price directly from your Marketplace listings dashboard. This automatically makes the name appear in our Seller to Seller marketplace

@LynnParks We will be displaying the established commission in the near future. It can take upto 24 hours for the wholesale listings to appear in the Seller to Seller Marketplace

@Hawkeye If you are no longer seeing the Wholesale price on a domain landing page, it means the domain has already been purchased by someone else. We’ve seen a fairly large number of purchases within the last 24 hours and since it can take up to 24 hours for our Marketplace listings to be updated , you may still see the domain listed on the main listing page for Sellers to Sellers page - even though it was recently purchased. This should clear on its own once the Marketplace listings are refreshed.


Grant, the established commission will touch the domains that belong to SH?


Its very confusing to have sold domains listed on the wholesale page. I clicked on 5 domains before I found one that was still available for wholesale purchase.

How do we find and contact the seller if we have questions?


I don’t even know how to get to the page, the link sent to me is not displaying anything


I have had the same problem but I did find that if I hit the domain again and refreshed they came up. Unfortunately, in the mean time the names I wanted were already gone.


@grant Could you add in a field that states what the bottom line is to the seller should the domain sell please? At the moment we’ve no idea what the terms are, whether SH have renewed it (so the commission has dropped again etc). We don’t need all of those details, just what the amount we would get if it sells.

Many thanks.


I sold few other wholesale domains, but the earning didnt show up, my balance still the same, i already
Reported it via blue button.


@GibbonTake The sold names should clear out every day on their own, however we will look at more ways to make them disappear faster. You can contact sellers by clicking on “Contact Seller” button below the Buy button.

@Muyi4every @Commulinks there was a temporary glitch which was not showing the names upon initial load. This should be fixed now.

@AbleBrands The commission details have now been added on the domain page.

@fxpreneur We will investigate this further.


@grant - I wanted to mention that I got a domain from here on the 11th I believe (SH owned), I am still not showing it in my Marketplace. Was not sure if this was a weekend thing or a potential glitch so wanted to mention it.

Also does it take 24 hours for names we add to this marketplace to go live? Just checking, I added a few yesterday and they have not popped up and I am not seeing any details regarding this in the article. Thanks in advance.

Update - Still not showing as of 10:45 today - either the purchased domain or the names I added

UPDATE: All Fixed - thank you!


@grant. Same thing here. Blue Buttoned it also. They are working on it, I believe. Thanks. Never mind, all taken care of, all good now.


Same here, with one sold name!


I will like to suggest this regarding the Seller to Seller Marketplace.

It will be ideal if there is a link to every sellers wholesales domain portfolio, just as we all have for our real marketplace listing.

This will aid sales and enable sellers exchange their direct wholesales portfolio link.