Announcing - Seller to Seller Marketplace


Many creatives have asked us if we can add the ability to offer their names for sale to other creatives (and vice versa). Later this week, we will be launching a seller to seller Marketplace to offer additional opportunities for our creatives to sell their listings to other creatives on the SH Platform.

You can read more about this exciting new feature here:


@Grant, if at all possible and if you didn’t include this already, can you be sure to show the original listing date on these names so we know? Thanks.
PS: Also the commission rate
Ps to my PS: THANK YOU, SH for doing this!!! I can’t wait to see what people want to SELL!


It’s great to have a secure marketplace for people to swap/trade/sell SH published domains.

At the same time some may feel its a bit of a pinch to have to pay a $5 fee since most domains listed at Brandable marketplaces sell for under $25. So that $5 fee would be equal to a 25% commission - whereas on all other marketplaces its free.

Something to think about.


@grant great move. But I’m wondering, won’t endusers come into the marketplace and buy domains at wholesale price? Won’t this move reduce enduser activity in purchasing names at premium prices? i know you must have done lots of ground work and checks but still, is there a way to also ensure non-index of the activities of this marketplace so these wholesale prices don’t show up in search engine?


If you read the full article, they do have a plan to address this issue. Only sellers with at least 3 premium listings are eligible to purchase from the wholesale marketplace, and anyone else is unable to see the wholesale prices on the landing pages.


As I wrote elsewhere- good intention, but IMO not a good move.

Inserting elements into the site that can devalue the value of domains in the eyes of the potential end users is problematic. Regardless of access restrictions for end users to these wholesale prices- telling potential end users that some of the names that are offered to them for $XXXX are offered for $XX to other people is counterproductive to establishing the marketplace as premium and undermines the asking prices. It can and very likely will get in the way of sales.


I’m not necessarily for it either, but I don’t intend to do wholesale offerings anyway. I know some people feel differently, though. Maybe after a certain trial period, Squadhelp can look at sales data and then reevaluate. I know when the installment plans were introduced, there were some doubts, but I feel like that feature is working out pretty well.


I have been asking SH for a long time how I could buy names that creatives are dropping because they don’t want to pay the renewals so I am really happy about this and hoping that those creatives who intend to drop names will post them. It’s way better than letting many names drop.

So my short story is: I am a buyer and if anyone is not able to renew their marketplace names, I will be waiting to see what posts and will buy some of them!


I agree with @mortel…I don’t want to sale my premium names for xx instead of xXxX or better.Will be watching to see which direction <> it goes in.


@Commulinks I’m not saying that an aftermarket for SH names is a bad thing. On the contrary. All marketplaces have an aftermarket and I’m all for it. But it has to be done in a way that doesn’t devalue domains in the eyes of people who are supposed to pay $XXXX for them. Having a wholesale marketplace alongside a regular marketplace and publicizing that certain domains can be bought by investors for $XX isn’t helpful in setting the right mind set for potential end users and establishing the marketplace as a premium marketplace that warrants $XXXX+ prices.


@Commulinks I’ll just add that IMO it’s best if these sort of transactions happen in a private slack channel like one of the other marketplaces does and without being an official policy. The people who need to know about it know about it and that’s it. Potential end users should be concentrated on browsing the marketplace, falling in love with a name and deciding to buy it. Anything else that can make them doubt the purchase is a distraction and counterproductive.


I think it’s a brilliant idea. There are people that don’t want to renew some of their names and there are people that want to buy them.

The announcement has all been very public, and that’s an issue, we really don’t want CHs (or end user domain buyers) to know this is going on. Other marketplaces have a private area that only sellers can access and ban the discussion of and details of internal sales on public forums. SH should have taken (can still take) a similar view.


Hey @Grant, is there a special link for the S2S Marketplace? Where will they be?


Thank you all for sharing your feedback. We have made some updates to further restrict the criteria to qualify as an Authorized Wholesale Buyer. You can read more about it here:

This is a completely private marketplace and can only be accessed by a limited number of users who have demonstrated that they are not retail buyers or contest holders.

We have also updated our rules that prohibit posting or sharing any listings for sale in third party websites:

We do not expect this private marketplace to conflict with the Premium domain marketplace that is intended for end users. However, we will continue to monitor and make any further adjustments as needed.

@Commulinks The ability to set a wholesale price is live now but the actual marketplace is currently not open. It should be available later this week, and if you are eligible, you will see a link to this marketplace within your Marketplace dashboard.


yeah why so public. We need private area please. Even the thread is very open, anyone can read ie CH.


As mentioned previously, this wholesale Marketplace will be private, and only those who qualify as a wholesale buyer will be able to access it. None of the prices, or domains offered in the Marketplace will be visible to anyone else.

Our philosophy is always about building a transparent platform, and we do not plan to hide the fact that such a Marketplace exists. In fact, we believe there is absolutely nothing wrong in allowing our creatives and sellers to privately trade their names with each other at mutually agreeable prices.

Most of our buyers understand that the names that are being sold were either hand registered by SH (on behalf of sellers), or are being offered by sellers who invest in domains. We do not believe that existence of such a private trading area would deter potential buyers from buying a name they like.

However, we will continue to monitor and take further action if needed.


I love this response and I will add this: ideas are intellectual property that other people have not thought of before. If they had, they would have been registered. We, the investors, have been willing to spend our own money to do this and there is nothing wrong with this. Even being a public announcement is not an issue. By comparison: I do a LOT of writing as part of my main business. Many people can write sentences. But they can’t write proposals and aren’t very persuasive writers. Many people can manage a small group of people, but they can’t manage an entire organization (which is what I do). Just because someone thought of it and bought it does not mean that everyone can do that - or wants to invest in doing that. I think the public understands that there are people who buy houses to live in, and people who buy houses to renovate and sell to people who don’t have the bandwidth to buy a property that needs total rehab. :wink:


@Commulinks I’m not sure whose comment you were referring to (I’m presuming Grant’s last one). I don’t think this is about ideas, IPs or end users who might buy names as an investment. It’s just about common sense in trying to sell inventory.

I’m all for as much transparency as possible but giving potential buyers too much info (not just in regard to domains, but in regard to any commodity) can be distracting and downright sabotage sales. For example, what do you think would happen if SH (in the name of transparency) would show the date of registration for each listed domain? In many cases, would that make potential buyers less or more likely to pay $XXXX or not? I think the answer is clear. The same thing applies to publicizing this wholesale marketplace. A buyer’s willingness to pay a certain price for something is derived from its perceived value. Tell that potential buyer that some domains that are offered to them are offered for a fraction of the cost to somebody else and that’s just a bad move. Nobody wants to be the idiot that overpays. When you mess with the perceived value you create doubt. Doubt= less sales. Most potential buyers might be oblivious because they won’t be digging in the FAQ section, but still… publicizing the wholesale venue is counterproductive and has no upside.

Either way, SH said it will continue to evaluate the situation so we’ll see how it all pans out.


@Moretal - I respectfully disagree with the assumptions. You are thinking as a domainer, not a buyer. A buyer is looking for cool ideas to name their company. Most do not care when it was registered. They care about the quality of their name and their ability to brand that name. They will pay what they need or want to pay for the name that really hits their hot button. They are paying for ideas, not domains. I do not think a buyer is less likely to have doubt at all. The wholesale marketplace is the same way. People are coming here in droves to pay for ideas. They didn’t think of one, and did not register one last month because they couldn’t think of one. Ideas are the value, not the domain. Not on Squadhelp specifically. We have hundreds of contests full of unreg domains in contests.

I am not worried about this at all. We are all essentially small businesses with ideas. Our customers are people looking for great ideas they didn’t have - it’s not their bailiwick. If you need a dentist, you go to a dentist. Dentistry is not a new idea, but only someone skilled in dentistry should work on your teeth…we hope, anyway. LOL.

Think as a creative person, not as a domainer is what I am saying. Hey, if I discovered (not likely!) that someone had not ever registered a real word .com and bought it yesterday, would it have less value because of that? Nope. And the value is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s say a company desperately wants to name their name HorsePucky… and someone just registered and listed it yesterday, that buyer would feel grateful and feel like they hit the lottery for even being able to get that HorsePucky!!!

I think this will all be OK, @moretal. I really do. And you know I respect you.


Since the Seller2Seller Marketplace will be private, I don’t see the problem. Wouldn’t it be similar to the auction that a well known market place, “GD” uses on their site. Not sure if we are allowed to mention another website on here, by name.