Announcing Sedo Integration

At Squadhelp we are committed to maximizing the exposure of domains listed in our Marketplace.

Today, we are pleased to announce a partnership with Sedo, which will allow your domain listings to get even more visibility.

Automatic Syndication Of Your Domains To Sedo

All Premium and Basic Plus listings at Squadhelp will be automatically listed for sale in Sedo as well as several other registrars via the Sedo MLS feature.

Not only will your domains continue to benefit from the massive advertising by Squadhelp, they will also get additional exposure at one of the leading marketplaces and their partner registrars.

There are no additional costs or coins required to participate in this feature. If the Domain sells on Sedo or Sedo MLS, Squadhelp will pay for the Sedo commissions from SH’s share of commission.

These listings will be live on Sedo in the next few days and no action is needed from your part.

We are working on several more features to continue to offer a best in class experience.


What if domains sold n afternic and sedo , both at the sametime, even its very rare situation

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It will be fantastic! Or the end of the world will come: 0)


You are currently limiting basic plus listings for a maximum price $2399 .Sometimes I list a domain that is not listed here at SH, to submit a contest for a quick sale even I am not satisfied with that maximum price limit and delist it if CH does not like it. And sometimes I choose not to submit to a contest a very suitable domain I own because of low price limit. Basic plus listings have zero advantage here. They are not searchable or listed at SH marketplace while SH is benefiting from their traffic and maybe losing their potential buyers to SH MP . You can list any domain you own for an average %9 commission and they are listed and searchable at any other MP . Here with % 25 commission with no access to Mp is actually not a choice for anybody who is not participating to contests .And even being able to submit them to contests with all these disadvantages is not a good choice. For some domains I usually submit to contests I list them as BP even I don’t like that low price limit and not okay with these cons. Sedo let users to list a domain at a maximum limit €/$ 50,000. You should consider to let BP listings for at least for a $10,000 limit. You say BP listings will get additional exposure at another MPs, but BP listings already can not get any exposure at SquadHelp’s own marketplace . They are not searchable or can be found at SH MP. You also let premium domain sellers to set their price up twice if they at least have 50 domains. 50 domains condition does not make any sense. You should give that chance to all sellers who own premium domains even they have only 1 premium domain. I like SH being a great platform and having a great interface for users but I think you like to limit so many things.


Is this implemented yet?
I searched some of my domains at Sedo but they are not showing up

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I only recently started listing names on the platform here, curious when the Sedo integration happens? I thought it was supposed to be automatic, or is this done manually? Name(s) aren’t showing up for me yet.