Announcing: Payouts via Wire Transfer and ACH Transfer

We are pleased to announce that sellers will now be able to withdraw their funds via Wire Transfer (or ACH transfer in case of USD accounts).

This payout will be sent by and the funds will be deposited straight into your bank account. In some cases you may also be able to choose the funds to be sent in your local currency (e.g. EUR, INR, GBP) to minimize any currency conversion costs. Depending upon your country, you may also have the option to setup a USD bank account in, which will allow for instant transfers.

This feature will be available in your accounts on a rolling basis over the next few days. Since this is a new integration, we plan to initially enable this option for any payouts above $2000 however our goal is to open this for all payouts in the future.


Finally thank you Grant!!! :two_hearts::hugs:


@grant interested in several questions:

  1. Will this feature be available only to sellers or to designers as well?

  2. If this feature is also available to designers, one important point is whether the team can add a field to the settings called: “Payment purpose”? So that everyone can individually enter information in this field (seller/designer/others) for which services money will be sent, such as “Payment for the provision of design services: creating logo designs”, when money will be sent to a local bank account and when money will be credited to the bank account in the statement of incoming payments it was indicated for which services the money was received. Maybe for someone, it will not be so important, for me, it is important (so that there are no unnecessary questions from the local bank in my country, as well as future inspections of the permitted type of service).

  3. When the money sent in the bank account, in the field Sender, will be written Squadhelp or Wise?

Many thanks.


Who has already used the new feature - Withdraw money to your bank account via Wise?

Please share information:

  1. When did you receive the money in your bank account, what was written in your incoming payment the field Sender: Squadhelp Inc or Wise?
  2. Was the field “purpose of payment”? If so, what was written there? Thanks.

@grant I would be grateful if you could reply to the previous message above, which is very important (especially regarding the integration of the field: “Payment purpose”) Thanks.