Announcing - Partnership with Flippa

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Flippa, which will allow the premium domain listings to get even more exposure.

As a background, Flippa is the largest peer-to-peer marketplace globally to trade websites and online businesses.

Flippa sees over 10m searches per month and has over 1.5m active users giving the Squadhelp sellers access to an additional pool of potential buyers.

How Will This Work?

Flippa has added a new “Branded Domains” section to their platform and this section is exclusively powered by SH premium domains. Read the announcement by Flippa:

  • Flippa plans to promote the SH listings to their buyers via homepage banners as well as their daily emails.
  • The SH listings have been designed with a special landing page along with the Logo designs. See the live listings.
  • SH will offer additional complimentary benefits to Flippa customers (such as a complimentary redesign of logo if the SH domain is purchased on Flippa platform)

There are no additional costs or coins required to participate in this feature. If the Domain sells on Flippa, Squadhelp will pay for the Flippa commissions from SH’s share of commission.

We are working on several more features and we will share additional updates in the near future announcing even more benefits to our community.

Stay safe!


Oh wow, this is brilliant, having the logos displayed in there is visually stunning too!

I haven’t used Flippa for a while, but the pages used to rank really well for the domain name search term. How long have the pages been up @grant ?

Thanks again, this is a fantastic addition!


Thank you Grant, and you all stay safe as well. :blossom:


A year ago, many of us could only dream about it! Thanks to the Squad for all the good things it does for our community. However, if there is more interaction with other platforms, the more inconsistencies arise. And the reason is very simple. All who have mostly Basic Plus domains are forced to create accounts on other sites in order to promote NOT premium domains. Maybe it’s time to combine these two types of domains? All domain owners who work on the platform should be banned from participating on other sites with the same domains. Contradictions will be eliminated. And the SH will become a full-fledged platform for the sale of domains.


This is way, way cool!!!


Thank you :money_mouth_face:


Wow this is awesome- a huge motivator for me to add more domains to my portfolio!

@grant do we have to do anything special for our domains to appear on Flippa? Or will everyone’s be automatically added?


Hey there @littodino,
I don’t have but a handful of premium domains…Idid go to Flippa and was excited to see my domains on there…Ididn’t have to do anything:)


I’ve searched a few of mine and no such luck, not yet at least.

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@grant SUPER DUPER AWSOME with this new visibility. It can only get better.

2 things I noticed though

a) Some of my names are not yet listed (probably this is a gradual process)

b) Some names are clearly tagged with the wrong category (this will definitely mess up the category-based search)