Announcing: Name Genome Project


@Marye5 Correct. We will only serve available domains.


Hi All,

I want to take a few minutes this morning to explain to everyone where the Name Genome Project is headed. Instant Recommendations is an important part of the big picture, but it is only one aspect. The full scope of this project is simple:

Because of our wonderful Creatives and Contest Holder, Squadhelp has amassed an unprecedented amount of information on Business and other names (we’re approaching 5 Million names). The Name Genome Project is, of course, named after one of the largest learning programs that the world has ever see–and learning more about great names is what our project is all about. This information will be served right back out to our Creatives and Contest Holder, so that both sides are better equipped to reach one goal–awesome names.

One forthcoming aspect of the Name Genome Project is using AI and Machine Learning to enhance communication between Contest Holder and Creative. We intend to use name types and styles to let creatives know what categories of names are being liked most by a CH.

We are also talking about building an Auto-Preference Analysis–which will serve categorized names up to a CH before they launch their contests and ask them which names they like. Preferences would then be analyzed and provided to Creatives. Another concept is to equip Creatives with helpful information before they enter a contest (e.g. Traditional Names win 50% of Real Estate contests).

The possibilities are abundant, and your ideas are always welcome.


This is FANTASTIC. I was already thinking about how helpful phase one is going to be on these fronts and now this! Wow wow wow.

@Grant question and suggestion:
Question: I assume we are going to see the names that are liked and imported into a contest on our activity feed, is that right? Are they automatically liked/loved?
Suggestion: Please encourage CHs to make a comment on an imported name or ask a question about the name when they import it.
Thanks for everything.


Will we be paid at full regular price for any names that are chosen in this new way?

Also, do you recommend we go through our names and categorize them, both with style of name and type?


I received the email to opt-in but I’m not seeing the option to do so anywhere in my account. Is this only available to certain creatives?


Go to: My Account - then left column under Setting, click Account Details, then under your name and email address there’s a checkbox for: Automatically show my past entries as recommendations in new contests. Click the box.


These are entries just like if you entered that name in the contest. So if the CH puts your name into the contest and chooses it, you win just like if you did it on your own.


@Grant, has the system started doing this already? Or, can you let us know when it does? I know you said today but from our end we won’t be able to tell until a CH imports a name.


Ah ha, thank you! I was thrown off when I clicked on my account and it just showed contests I’m in.


Hi All, based on your feedback and suggestions, we have decided to make a few additional changes to Instant Recommendations before going live. We will work on them over the next few days, and put a forum post up when we “turn it on.”


If your name is liked and imported into a contest, you will receive an email, and the name will automatically receive a Like it rating. Having this notification in the Activity feed is also a good idea. We can build that into the system.

There will also be a special icon on your Contests Entries page that will display differently than the rest.


@grant When will those who have not opted in start getting recommendations?


@Chasity2ku We are still a few weeks out. We are launching and testing the Instant Name Recommendations first. Then we will work on Suggestions for Creatives.


Hi @Grant!

I wanted to say that I really love this project and think that it is such a wonderful idea!

I received my first “Like” rating from an automatic recommendation and have one question. When we receive a high rating for one of these, will it show in our Activity Feed at some point and does it go towards our points? (I looked through the feeds for an answer but did not see it so I apologize in advance if this has been answered already!)

Thank you again and this really saves me so much time (which is very hard to come by in my world :smile:)


@acaso714 how did you know that you had a like on that name? Did you just happen upon it or did you get a notification? Thanks!


@Commulinks I received an email with the notification.



Currently, Instant Recommendations ratings do not show up in your Feed, but we’ll build that feature. You also currently do not receive points for these ratings, but we will build this into the program as well.


Thank you @Grant for the quick response!


Thank you! Did you have to set preferences to get the email notification?


No problem! And no, I never set any preferences. I am guessing it was automatic from signing up to participate.