Announcing: Installment payments for Marketplace Domains


I mean, you’re right, it’s possible I missed out on a sale while the name was tied up. But it’s also possible the name could sit in the marketplace and never earn me anything. Once the payment was missed, Squadhelp added the name back to the marketplace very quickly, so overall I think it was ok. As I’ve said, the majority of the names I have sold have not used a payment plan, even though I have that option enabled. But I do think it helps bring in more possible buyers if the option is there.


100%!!! That is exactly what I feel.


Domain belong to SH :grin:, its been 2 months, i did reach to SH many times, but just didnt get any update from buyer, domain still forward to their web. I will wait and see, just wonder how many times missed installment before finally domain back to squadhelp server i dont know.


Yes earn something better than nothing, i still like installment :grin::grin::grin: