Announcing Basic Plus Listings


@moretal and others,

Thank you for feedback. Our product roadmap is based upon the input from the creative community, and we will continue to take everyone’s feedback into consideration as we further improve this platform.

Many creatives have asked us for the ability to submit their registered names to contest holders even if they are not approved in marketplace. In fact, a good percentage of our premium names are purchased by contest holders via this method (because this allows creatives to pitch their highly relevant names to buyers who are in an immediate need of a name and do not have time to explore thousands of options from the marketplace on their own).

We have already seen more than 100 names upgraded to Basic Plus listing in the last 12-14 hours so we are certainly seeing good initial interest from several creatives.

Regarding comparing the 25% commission to registrar based marketplace - it is not really an “apples to apples” comparison. While you may get a lot of search volume, you have to consider the quality of that search traffic, and how much of that actually leads to sales. In contrast, you have to consider the value of pitching directly to potential buyers who have invested time in writing a detailed project brief, and have spent several hundred dollars to launch a contest. Having said that, if you are seeing a good success with registrar based marketplaces, there is no reason to switch to this option in that case.

Furthermore, if you have good names, we believe it is better to submit them to the premium domain marketplace in order to maximize their full potential (visibility via marketplace and ability to submit to contests). The Basic Plus listing is simply an additional option for those creatives who find value in this method or who may not have been able to get their names approved in marketplace. Our goal is to offer a myriad of options to creatives so that they can decide which method works best for them.

As always, we will continue to make updates to our features based upon their overall usage, as well the collective feedback from the community.


Basic Plus listings do not show in the Marketplace. Also, we will add Basic and Basic Plus listings to your portfolio totals shortly. The other items should now be fixed.


@Grant, would it be possible to segregate the basics from the premiums in our dashboard? That would be most helpful!


You can find more information in the new post:


Grant, I meant on our dashboard… can they be segregated in the view?


Thanks @Grant for the detailed post. What I was referring to in my previous message was the possible option of discussing the implementation of features in the forum before they’re implemented. So not just solving something people want to solve but discussing the way SH plans to solve it, getting people’s input and then maybe tweaking some aspects of it based on that. I do appreciate SH’s willingness to add features and commend you guys for it.

I recognize the value of customers looking for a name and pitching them an owned domain. I do it with the Premium listings but with those there are added benefits. They get promoted. They can be searched for properly. With the Basic Listings- making SH the landing page for a minimum 15% commission in order to pitch names to contests only for the prize or 25% in order to pitch for full price… just doesn’t make sense to me. These listings can’t be searched for properly within the marketplace and to the best of my knowledge hardly get views because people can’t find them. IMO, the Basic Listings are expecting me to do all the work and give up commission for it to boot. That’s not what landing pages are about. Landing pages are about passively getting leads. At the very least potential clients should be able to search through the Basic Listings properly. So I can’t get on board. But if this works for other people- then great. I’ll stick to the Premium Listings. Thanks again!


Appreciate the prompt reply @grant, thank you.


Okay, please tell me if I am understanding this correctly. Basically what basic plus is - is in exchange for 25% of the sale (minimum of 400) we are allowed to list those domains at full price in a contest? So really the only exposure would be through contests we participate in? If the contest holder is interested in a premium domain wouldn’t it be more beneficial for the creative to leave them on some of the more popular listing sites (that have lower commision rates) ?

I was a bit excited at first because I thought basic plus would be searchable in the marketplace (I read the update too quickly), I can see the benefit to me in that. Now I’m a bit confused as to what the benefits are. I’m trying to re-read everything see if I can discover this on my own but some of this is foreign to me, I am far from a skilled domainer, so all insight is welcome.


@LynnParks Yes, with Basic Listings you can pitch domains for full price for a 25% commission. That’s the Plus part that’s added to the Basic Listing where you can pitch domains to contests for 15% but can only get the contest prize.

Regarding this sentence you wrote- “If the contest holder is interested in a premium domain wouldn’t it be more beneficial for the creative to leave them on some of the more popular listing sites (that have lower commision rates)?”- that’s not valid because you can’t pitch domains that aren’t at SH anymore. So if you want to pitch a domain for full price to a CH it has to be listed at SH- either a Premium Listing or Basic Plus.


@grant I’ve been doing some searches in the marketplace today and most of my basic domains don’t show up in the marketplace no matter what I do.

I’ve tried going through “more” and searching for the name, or the keyword that name relates to etc but they are just not anywhere no matter where I go.

Take for example Hempsia, a basic name of mine.

If I put that word (or just Hemp) in the marketplace homepage it doesn’t show up.
If I go to “more” and put that word (or just Hemp) in the search box it doesn’t show up.
If I go to “more” and chose the Cannabis category, it doesn’t show up.

So at the moment I’m being charged 15% to NOT be listed on the marketplace at all, unless you can show me how this works please?



@AbleBrands We are making few updates to our search feature. We will be announcing some updates shortly.


Wahay (I hope!), thank you @grant


Okay, thank you @moretal .I did not realize that they had put a stop to outside listings. I don’t get to jump on quite as often as I use to so I miss so much. I really appreciate the help!


@Lynnparks I actually just saw a message at the bottom of a contest saying: “Note: You are allowed to submit your premium domains from Squadhelp Marketplace to any naming contests. Unless explicitly mentioned in the brief, you are not allowed to submit any names listed on third party marketplaces or websites. Read our Entry Submission Policies”. I think that’s a new message. So in some cases (high budget contests) maybe submitting stuff from other places will still be allowed. I’m not sure at this point. It hasn’t happened lately.


@Grant - What do we do if we accidentally price a Basic Plus listing wrong? Due to rushing through the process there are 2 I have listed that are at the wrong prices. The only option I have is to increase price - which is not what I want to do. Thanks in advance for any help.


@grant, is it true that theres no shortlisted for basic listing and basic plus listing? . I hope basic listing also able to get shortlist from ch. thank u


@grant a basic listing is 15% of the sale OR $300 - whichever is greater. These names are allowed to be entered into contests, simply for the contest award - so does that mean there is no commission charged on names that we have listed under a Basic listing if they go for just the contest award (since it’s not actually being sold and simply transferred) ? I would assume that is the case but I don’t see anywhere that verifies that so figured I’d would ask you. Thanks in advance (again)!


If you submit a Basic listing into a contest and it wins, you will receive the award amount, and you will transfer the domain to the Contest Holder (following the same policy that previously applied to My Owned Domains).


Thank you @grant that’s what I figured. I just wanted to make sure. :slight_smile:


@Grant and of course @Darpan - I want to express how much I love the Basic and Basic Plus listings. Thank you so much.

I also have a question relative to it:
I would imagine this has changed how you view acceptance to the Premium marketplace. Specifically, the names submitted as “Let SH decide”…where you accept and buy the domain.

If I am right on that, can you elaborate on what you are looking for now for the Premium marketplace in this scenario? I don’t want to waste your time and mine, continuing to sub names that you are going to reject. Please, if you would, give us your new parameters for acceptance if you have new parameters.

I am talking mostly about names that you would buy.

I have really, super, gone over my budget on buying names now. I promised myself I wouldn’t…but I did anyway. I cannot continue to do that until/unless more names sell. But I do really want to get more names into the premium marketplace. So that is why I am asking.

Thank you!!!